27 September, 2008

"What Have You Learned From Anime?"

Whoah! The month's about to end and I wasnt able to post anything on this blog... me bad..haha..I once again..I mean..for the nth time, I again abandoned my blog...huhu! Been so freakin' busy lately! hahaayz..Oh well, at least, I've still managed to post something right now. I'm just kind of forcing myself to think of a different topic for a post but since I kinda lack some sleep and I'm not really into a serious blogging mode right now, I just thought of posting something..that is again..about anime...heehehe x_x just cant get over it..weee!

A colleague of mine and also bloggermate who happened to be an avid fan of anime especially naruto..heehee..gave me link pointing to a site offering a lot of cool anime information. And this part of site caught his interests as well as mine since it's sort of funny..but real... the website has a lot of trivias and I ought to share to you some of those I really find interesting and cool. But right now, let me share something that I hope can make you smile while you realize the truth contained in it...hahaaha ^_^

"All I Ever Learned, I Learned from Anime"

You CAN have too many women.
(quite right..if you dont have one, you're not cool!. lol)

Smart people wear glasses.
(haha..of, course! speaking about the typical representation of a nerd or genius..heehee)

The less you care about sex, the more opportunities you'll get.
(haha!..always applicable for those "virgin" leads of the anime. *winks*)

The best teams come in fives.
(why not? haha..Voltes V, Slam Dunk? haha!)

There's always room for flashbacks!
(sometimes, this can be annoying especially if they do it more often..hehe)

The good guy always has the BLUE glow.
(hmmmm...hahaha! no wonder why I love the color.. :D)

Everyone wants to conquer Japan.
(always and forever...haahaha!)

The most virtuous character will die.
("ang masamang damo hindi madaling mamatay".. *winks*)

The girl with the curly hair is always the seductress.
(yeah right..so sexy...)

If a sister falls in love with her brother, somewhere down the line you will discover that they're not blood related.
(haha..talking about fulfilling the viewers' wishes...haha...just so typical even with tv series or movies..right? hehe)

All major villains either want to take over the world or blow it up.
(what else? give it to Bin Laddin?..haha)

The martial arts expert is always defenseless against a slap from the girl who loves him.
(always under de saya...haha!)

The fate of the planet rests in the hands of the seemingly normal high school student.
(haha... maybe to inspire teens to make some difference in this world..*winks*)

A samurai sword can cut through anything.
(sureness..hahaaha..I just so love Samurai ..weee!)

Any truly evil person who changes sides for the woman he loves will die in that episode.
(bleeeh..heheehe..just kidding...but this is reality...they're just being punished..but at least..they were able to change sides...and felt love.. :D)

The song "Cry Me a River" takes on a whole new meaning.
(just look at how exaggerated they cry...hahaha!)

As for me, what I learned from anime..are: the beauty of God's creations especially in terms of physical attriutes are always displayed...right?..hahaaha...The ladies are so sexy...almost perfect...wow body!..haha..and the guys..hmmm...what can I say...they can just be any woman's dream..hahaaha!; also, a lot of virtues are also promoted in a lot of anime series - bravery, courage, friendship, trust, motivation, determination and so many others. So how about you guys, out there? What have you truly learned from anime?..heehehe... ^_^