23 October, 2009

Lecture Thyself x_x

hmmm.. what's with this post? Uhm, nothing really. let's just say I'm answering facebook's inquiry - "What's on your mind?" A lot of things are going on right now and I'm so full of realizations. Thoughts keep on overflowing and I know I need to pour them out in any way possible; or else, I might end up a sure crazy fella. So here goes... I know these sound really serious. And though they may have some strong points, these are just to good to be true and easier said than done... ^_^

1. Time is of an essence. Manage your time well; and things you want to accomplish will be done in a way that you intend to.

- Take time to cherish each wonderful day that passes. Reflect on things you have done and those you plan to achieve for the day. Give yourself a time to pray, exercise, plan and do things without haste. With careful planning and time management, you can satisfyingly and successfully seize the day in any way you want.

- Allot enough or more time for your preparations. Plan ahead and do it in such a way that you allocate more time than the right amount needed. As you can see, many things might happen which are beyond your control. So giving more time than you actually call for can suffice to the time you might use up when things go wrong.

- Be wise with your time for your family, friends and other people. More importantly, never forget about your own good. Be selfish at times; and this means saying NO if you’re already loaded. Though you would really want to help other people, there are times that you should take a break. Live your life to the fullest and value time as well as your health.

2. It’s quite easy and more convenient to find or give excuses for our failures. But in the end, all that it takes for you to succeed is to honestly deal with the dilemmas at hand.

- Some people would actually blame others for their misfortunes. And some have even become adept at pointing out reasons which may be the culprit of their bad luck. Reality bites and truth may be ugly; however, avoiding such things will do you no good at all.

- But instead of cursing the heavens, why not move and do the things needed to successfully accomplish your goals? This may be easier said than done. But nothing can be done by merely pitying yourself and blaming the forces of nature. It’s all up to you if you choose to lurk in the darkness or stand out and make a difference.

3. You become what you think about most of the time. So think as positive as you can about yourself; just make sure that you’re not only good in daydreaming. Put your thoughts into remarkable actions.

- Thinking is not doing. And worrying can lead you nowhere. It’ll only worsen your case. Nothing beats hard work and perseverance. Aim and hit the target no matter what. Success is a mindset. The harder you strive to attain your goals, the luckier you get. The more you do your best, the easier and faster you are drawing yourself towards success. Don’t give up if things seem to be more difficult. While failure is inevitable, don’t dwell on it; instead, learn from your mistakes. This would only help you come up with better resolution.

4. Achieving success for your goals doesn’t mean wearing yourself out. Provide time for relaxation. Sufficient rest can fuel up your mind and body well. Take pride in everything that you do. Celebrate success even in the simplest things that you can accomplish. Think positive and love yourself more the way others do. Share and learn from other people especially from those who seem to magnetize success. Be inspired.

5. Make your own path. Find out who you are and why you're here, even in the smallest and the simplest ways. Be diverse but not to the extent that you're already becoming someone who's not for real. Though it's quite tempting to live the way your idols/heroes/fave celebs do, you'll only regret living such a kind of lifestyle. You have your own style though you may think you're nothing or just plain usual. Discover your unique latent abilities and hone it to the fullest. :D

17 October, 2009

To Our Dearest Mother Earth ^_^

I have always been fascinated by your beauty and splendid wonders. Your magnificence amazes me to no end. I even wish to travel the whole world and tell or show people how marvelous you really are. We all benefit from your entire resources. From dusk ‘till dawn; all throughout our lives, you never fail to provide us with our needs. Indeed, you are God’s way of taking care of us. And yet…

We became accustomed to doing things the bad way. We keep doing our chores and other activities in a thoughtless manner or through the aid of stuff which were inconsiderately fabricated using your resources. People cut, burn, throw or process raw materials taken from you without regard to your welfare. And for that, though I’ve also enjoyed such convenience, I truly feel remorseful.

It breaks my heart to see you in the state that you are right now. The circumstances we’re suffering these days reflect the kinds and seriousness of damages we’ve inflicted upon you. Though it also pains me to know that a lot of people are getting homeless, famished and doomed, I understand that we deserve to be punished. Greed drove many of us to take more than enough. And we didn’t think of rebuilding you as soon as we can.

I, too, have my own iniquities. I even find myself guiltier and more deserving to be rebuked. I, who greatly adores you, am also among those who blindly hurt you and shorten your existence. Unquestionably, those who know what’s wrong and yet they keep doing it are more unforgiveable. Neither excuse nor repentance can pay off all the good stuff you’ve given to us. We can never justify our appalling actions. And no matter how much we make up, damages have already been done. What’s been taken is already gone.

Now that you’re starting to take a toll on us for each and every waste and abuse, I fear that we might lose the one thing that we all should cherish the most. I am hoping that it is still not too late to save you and start anew. With all these distressing occurrences, I can’t help but look back on those days where I can still satisfyingly enjoy the cleanliness of the air I breathe and the water I drink. Every now and then, fear never left my heart and mind. It’s like my dream of exploring the depths of you have shattered.

I know we can still patch things up. As long as we’re alive, we can still restore your beauty and grandeur even in the simplest ways; for the next generations to come. Please allow us to deal with this. Let us realize our mistakes; but I beg you, let those innocent children be safe. Let them feel your true wonder. Let them smile and live freely with abundance and joy. From here on, I promise to take part in saving you.

Mother Earth, I thank you. Please hold on and never die.

- This is in relation to my friend's letter to the World. : )

09 October, 2009

Over The Seas ^_^

Freedom. Courage. Friendship. Laughter. It's official. Right now, my favorite anime is no longer Naruto (Shippuuden) but One Piece! Yay! ahaha...And I can say that it'll be my all-time fave next to Samurai X (Rourouni Kenshin).

Like Naruto, I took it for granted the time it became popular. I've heard a lot of people liked it and some of my friends kept talking about Luffy; however, I just shrugged it off. I dont know why I'm always like that. Maybe "going with the flow" isnt my usual way and that I want to explore something because I want to and not because it's popular (esp. when it comes to anime.. ahaha). But I dont actually regret not reading the manga/wathing the anime as soon as it got famous. Why? Because I had so much fun continuously reading the manga the moment I started doing so!!! ahaha

But now, I'm catching up with the updates.. Too bad that, like many others, I had to wait for its weekly manga updates. I'm more into reading the manga than watching the anime; though I've been wathing the series now :D

I dont want to compare One Piece to Naruto (Shippuuden) as well as differentiate Naruto's personality to Luffy. I still like Naruto (Shippuuden) as it is. But I truly found myself enjoying every bit of One Piece's pages. There was never a dull moment. ;)

So why do I like.. no.. Love.. ahaha.. One Piece? Well, here are my reasons:

1. The Aspiring Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy - I just cant get enough of his personality. ahaha.. His laugh/grin is contageous and addictive. His honesty reaches the point of being so naive and stupid. This also gets his entire crew in trouble. His craving for adventure would always crack me up. When it comes to exploring the unknown, nobody could ever stop him. The more unknown the place is, the more dangerous, the more fun it is to him. And he tends to be very unpreditable. I just heart him. ahahah. Moreover, he has this incomparable and unimaginable confidence and trust even to those he just met. And need I say that he eats a lot? Way too much that a normal person can never handle. ahaha.

2. The Other Characters - Looking at his crew alone would make you smile at how diverse the personalities of each character is. And with the many other supporting characters, this anime is an "organized riot". From their enemy pirates to the marines, Admirals and the Royal Shichibukais, events would always leave you breathless. :D And there are loads of characters making the entire story more exciting.

3. The Storyline - This anime's plots never cease to amaze and surprise me. The twists and turns in events and facts/information are just so astounding, dreamy and creative. nyahaha.. And the dialogue? Yosh! The humor in it would always brighten your day. Hahahaha! :D It's just so funny and that's perhaps the main thing I like about One Piece. There is action, great story/lesson and all but the comedy part is never missing.

Haaayz... I want more of One Piece!! Hahahah

03 October, 2009

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words ^_^

Obviously, I'm a fan of images. Whether they are edited or not, I just cant help but adore them. But personally, I prefer the raw ones. I tend to get annoy if I see pictures of nature and other stuff which have been enhanced (esp. those excessively enhanced). It's more satisfying to see the real thing; provided the photo is of good quality. I also dig various works of art. I just admire artistic people especially those who have wild imaginations and unique ways of displaying their gift. So now, I'm going to make this post similar to that of a photoblog. Just this post.. maybe... LOL

Here are the pictures that made me smile and even gasp in disbelief.. nyahahaha

I wonder what it looks like inside.. hmmm

tsk3.. *drool :D

Just in time for Chrsitmas :D
ahaha.. for a fast-food lover? aheeem :D

WHoah! Even trees?!! clap clap :D

The Hypnosis Staircase

Booklover's Staircase

Man-made Islands :D
The Palm Islands in Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar in Doha, Qatar

The World in Dubai

Aha! So that explains it! lol

I'd like to have one of these :))

These are made of tire ;)

Are these churches or something? nyahaha

02 October, 2009

When All Else Fail... ^_^

Poverty. Natural disasters. Corruption. Terrorism. Unnecessary Innovations. Health Risks/unknown diseases. Pointless Lifestyle. These are the things making lives miserable these days. Well, that is as far as we think it is. We usually blame the forces of nature for all the unfortunate events we're suffering with. Some would even curse those people who cant provide them any help. Others pass the guilt to politicians, racists and other selfish individuals. But is it really worth it? Change ought to start from within. You cant expect others to lend you a hand when you're not even doing your part in saving yourself.

It's been evident that more and more catastrophes are taking the best from all of us as days go by. Living in this kind of world these days feels like hell already. Thus, people tend to "save their own ships" particularly in terms of surviving the economy, natural disasters, and other sources of "slow death" or paths to entering the gates of hell. Lucky for those who can easily move on.

I'm just wondering. What the heck's going on with the world? Mother Earth is gravely wounded.
Each and every country's been hit with unbelievable super typhoons, flashfloods, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like. It's safe to think that Mother Earth's starting to take its toll on us. Considering how much damage we've caused, it's just plain understandable if we get punished. After all, it's our own actions that triggered all such stuff. I, on the other hand is not just thinking about Mother Earth's wrath. In general, I take this as a preparation...for the judgment day or the so-called - end of the world.

Come on, really. You can laugh at me. But I really believe that God exist. Although I also tend to get confused, there is nothing more that can strengthen me than my faith and trust in His existence. I am not a perfect Christian or someone who really devotes himself/herself to religion or to God Himself. I have my own iniquities and I dont even go to church regularly. I dont walk with all the gospels buried in my heart and soul. I dont even read the Bible as much as I give time reading manga or other fictional books. I am nothing before His eyes. And for that, I feel sorry and scared. I'm not afraid to die; but i dont want to experience all those things mentioned in the "Revelation". I still, somehow, want to be saved.

Oh well, enough of this. Maybe all the things happening to the world right now's just freaking me out. Whether the end is really near or something, only He knows. It's better to think of the worst things now and feel relieved when they didnt happen than to care less and be surprised. Anyway, there's nothing to fear if you know you deserve some consideration. ahaha. I just pray that people should help each other instead of inflicting more trouble. Now is the best time to hold on to each other so we can rebuild not just a certain nation but as much as possible, the whole world. I dont think it's too late for changes and repentance. So, God Bless us all! :D