24 April, 2009

The Greatest Sacrifice x_x

I had a busy day... a tough one... it even made me realized a lot of things... When I decided to take a break.. I went over stuffs that could lend a hand in freeing my mind and body of the exhaustion... At first, I didnt know what to do or where to find it... then suddenly, I checked the blog of a new acquaintance... It was like.. I was lost and there I found the light... haha

When I watched the vid embedded into Jam's blog.. more like a post... I felt my heart pounding so fast that I barely breathe... My world seemed to slow down and I savored each minute watching the vid. Creepiness came over me... there was a shivering sensation that brought about certain deep realizations... and for that, I consider that clip from a movie.. the best one that I streamed for the day... Hopefully, you'll watch so you'll know what I'm talking about...

This is one of the best representations of the bible verse John 3:16

It was so heartbreaking.. but inspiring all the same.. i wonder if people nowadays can also make this kind of sacrifice...

22 April, 2009

"The Rest Is Still Unwritten"

Natasha Bedingfield

I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines
We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

18 April, 2009

Hold Thy Breath o_X

These past few days, I just cant help but complain about riding on a public utility vehicle. Why? because more and more annoying people tend to get the best out of your day. And usually, your encounters with those people are just so dreadful you even want to die in a blink of an eye.

The worst part of riding on a jeepney (or falling in line, walking on busy streets, or something like you dont have a choice but mingle with a lot of people in an elbow-toelbow mode) especially if it's kind of "bumper to bumper" or "your skin next to mine", is the tendency to ride or sit next to somebody who has a "power". A power to blow things up... including your brain, senses or just everything about you. And if you happen to experience this in the start of your day, then you can expect a very fowl mood indeed or a very sick feeling that would somehow, last a day or two. lol

For me, they are the "flame throwers". A kind of flame you would never wish to have. Some give off just a faint smell but mostly, something powerful that can make you sick or even make you cry. My last "close encounter with THIS kind" was very very dramatic. I almost fainted and vommited, wet my hanky with tears while telling myself (I should never ever ride on the driver's side of a jeepney). My hanky has lost its function because the "power of that guy in sando throwing off a hell-of-a-flame that seemed the reason why hell is burning" got the highest score on me.

I think you got the idea. What I did? I went off that jeepney and rode another one after praying to have a better ride even if it would cost me a lot. it wasnt just my lucky day. I was cursing thinking of what happened but forgetting about "the smell of his poison" for it kept on making me feel sick whenever my senses would remember it. I had been so fragrant that day or did my best to look, smell and feel fresh but for what? For some flame thrower to take not just the spotlight out of me but even scared the hell out of me taking so much of my energy.

I just dont get it. Why are some people who have body odor and the like just cant seem to notice or realize that they're making others sufer?!! Ok, it's already taken that most of these people cant seem to notice that they already stink. But knowing you have such fowl odor, you should be as aware of when you might be exposing your secrets or "unconsciously giving off a pety source of air pollution". And do your best to keep yourself clean and fresh. Personal care products (added with tremendous cleaning efforts) wont actually run out.

And for God's sake, please... you people, or should I say.. flame throwers... PLEASE STOP WEARING A SANDO OR SLEEVELESS!!!! much more... stop exposing those "portals".. huhuhu... you're making this world a much dreadful place to live in.. nyahahaha o_O

16 April, 2009

Tame The Flame Dragons o_O

I have always been fascinated with dragons even when I was just a little kid. Dont actually know why, but dragons can really trigger my interests. That is one reason why I fancy watching shows or movies with dragons around. Dragonheart is my all-time favorite movie with regards to a dragon and Flame of Recca was one of those dragon-inspired anime I like.

I had once watched an anime about four brothers who happen to have various dragons residing on the very depths of their body such as the white, blue, red and black dragon which they can use if need be. They are actually transforming into a dragon! The characters are awesome and the storyline is not predictable. Sadly though, I forgot the exact title of that series and I dont think the title that was given was the original one so I'm having a hard time looking for that anime. I so badly want to watch that again.. :( (but if this anime rang a bell to you, kindly inform me with the title please.. :D tnx)

And with regards to my post, I am actually directed to sharing you the 8 Flame Dragons of Recca:

Recca uses his flame with the form of 8 flame dragons which are usually the spirits of former Flame Masters. Each spirit or flame dragon has a unique personality and distinct dragon technique or power. However, Recca has to tame them first before he can use their help. And if they have decided to be his ally (after a fight in a "mind dessert"), they then burn their names into Recca's arm which can be summoned whenever needed. Certain flame dragons work together to effectively help Recca.

1. Saiha (En Shin, The Fire Blade)

>>> He is one of the stubborn flame masters Recca encountered and had a difficulty taming; but in the end was able to master the technique which is a blade coming out from his arm that is able to slice through anything.

2. Nadare (Dan En, The Flame Ball)

>>> She is one of the dragons Recca can control skillfully and happened to come out of her own will to help Recca and his mother. This flame master is a smart and confident master of her fireball attack. She joined Recca together with Saiha at the same time.

3. Homura (Ben En, The Fire Whip/Strength)

>>> This flame dragon has the power of a strength enhancing flame, who came to Recca during the time that he was kind of "dead". By challenging Recca whether he is truly the person he can fight with even with his condition, he (Homura) burned his name unto Recca's arm the moment he stood up to continue his life and his fight with Kukai.

4. Setsuna (Shun En, The Fire Flash)

>>> His name means "Lord of the Dead" and he is a blind dragon with the ability to see using heat sensors. This flame master, when he was alive was cruel and arrogant, somewhat depicting that of his name. His fight with Recca was the most excruciating since he really wanted to kill him and not merely have a fight. Obviously, he was not happy about having to see his name wriitn on Recca's arm which happened unexpectedly.

5. Madoka (Kekkai En, The Fire Barrier)

>>> He can generate an "impenetrable" shield making him a dragon mainly intended for protection. His barrier was able to help Recca save loads of people from severe harm and taming him wasnt much of a problem.

6. Rui (Gen En, The Fire Illusion)

>>> She is able to draw up an illusion of all kinds or out of anything she desires to make use of; making her known as "The Mistress of Illusion". The way Recca fought with her in the desert was one of the amusing encounters.

7. Kokuu (The Fire Beam)

>>> This flame dragon who appeared as little perverted old man with a scar over one eye can make a large fireball and shoot a beam of fire with it. He has this crush for Fuuko which has become so evident. Kokuu usually appears in human form more frequently than the others, and seems to have some kind of friendship with Resshin. He didnt have a fight with Recca but instead trained Recca how to properly combine multiple dragons into one attack by stealing his 6 other dragons just before he got to fight Kurei. He then rendered his help to Recca the moment he mastered the technique.

8. Resshin (Absorbs Bodies; transforms the dead into living Flames like Kurenai)

>>> Resshin is the leader of the dragons, and most likely the most powerful. He is the spirit of Recca and Kurei's biological father, Ouka. Like Kokuu, Resshin does not fight Recca in the desert. While he lends his assistance to his sons when they fight against Mori Kouran's clone, he does not give his power to either.

12 April, 2009

How Great Thou Art.. ^_^

Lately... He's been sooo good to me... No.. He had always been so good to me... I can ask for nothing else... only what's best for my family... for when it comes to self-fulfillment.. I can say that even if death physically parts me now to the world.. I will never complain or question...

I never doubted His love.. his care... so incomparable... not something I could find to common folks.. even to my own blood... and every time I would think of the moments where He never left me... when everyone else seemed so far away or doesnt seem to care... I cant see myself fit for everything that He had done for me.. especially those He has given me and my family...

This month is like a whirlwind to me. Lots of memorable things happened... there was so much fun and everything else seemed to fit its proper places... I never even thought events would turn out like this... Full of surprises, laughters and moments I would never trade with.

I celebrated my birthday like it's the last... haha.. Oh yeah... it was like there'll be no tommorow for me... but whenever a new day is given.. I'd spend it to the fullest.. ;)

I had an advance birthday celebration with some of my officemates just before the Holy Week since my exact birthday hit the spot of a Black Saturday.. not that It's really a hindrance.. though I actually had some second thoughts about celebrating on that day... since you know.. "Jesus is dead." But because we had a long vacation due to the Holy Week, I though it's best to have an advance treat for them. We had dinner.. something I can call.. A humor-filled dinner.. haha ;)

Having lots of good friends also has its drawbacks... and it's when you celebrate your special day.. I happen to have various groups of friends.. though some of them know each other... I still prefer to include them in separate "circle of friends"... as each group is unique in their own little ways and mixing up all of my so-called friends would stir a little disaster.. haha.. just kidding... ;) We can somehow make a good example of a fun society.. hahahah :D

I started celebrating my birthday with the Lord. My family and I went to the church and it felt great to have a special day celebrated on a Sabbath day... though I prefer it to be on an Easter Sunday instead... after that we went to a resort to have lunch and for my siblings and cousin to have a pool swim. The night of my birthday was intended for my coolest office barkada at Mark A.'s crib.. ;) There was one of the biggest surprise... the homecoming of our beloved cute friend Franz.. :D I was so shocked and so happy to see him.. Glad he made it on my bday... :D

Easter Sunday was supposedly a rest day for me.. or so I thought... but my cousins arranged a reunion.. something we just couldnt say no to... And so we went to the beach and had a great deal of fun, sun and catching up.. ;) After the beach, I went to see my college friends so we can watch a horror movie together... hahaha... tsk.. :P I never thought I'd enjoy such a movie... haha.. ;) I thought that I can rest after that.. but hey, my "bro" and his friend insisted on having a special moment... hahaha... and so the rest of the night was for the 2 of them.. They gave me the sweetest cake and the most naughty gift I have ever recieved.. :P

Anyway, enough of that now.. got tired already and I dont want to make a post giving such a full detail of my exhilarating and fun month (though I somehow did.. hahaha)... April is just midway and lots of other great things can still happen so it's still an open book for this new chapter...

If I have strained your eyes with this long post.. Well, I never intended to... I didnt ask you to read.. if you did, it was your choice... hahaha... *peace*.. I planned to write this post right after my bday but got so exhausted that I never had the chance... Thanks for dropping in to my madnezz.. ciao.. ;)

Another Chapter Begins

Book 1, Chapter 23...

It was the 11th of April of the year 1986 when a new book had been opened... there laid blank pages waiting to be filled with myriad of memories... may it be loaded with happiness or suffering.. only God knows... however, the contents of the book is not alone for Him to fill in... though He has His own unique and divine plans for the characters... it is still up for the lead to scribble down his/her own story...

"I had always believed.. that no matter what destiny you or others think you have.. you can always change paths... or you should be the one to direct your sails..."

Looking back at the previous pages... there you can see a transition of each and every chapter's storyline... some may be different from the rest of the books.. some may just seem typical... The earliest pages appeared neutral... but mostly over the fence... and going over the middle part seemed like you were about to enjoy a climactic event... but not something that would make your heart leap for joy... and that's where you can say... that not all highlights are the best... for some highs just feel like threads of lows pulling you down to the deepest pits...

Since you can always weave your own plot... the lead chose to make things happen.. it's not always rainbows and butterflies... so the same goes when you're dealing with hell-like events... it wont take forever especially when you're up to fighting against its flow... the best is yet to come and the book is just half-full, half-empty... so many things can still happen as long as time permits...

When the previous chapters were initiated... there wasnt much of a moving interest... it was like.. a new chapter is being opened for the sake of continuing the book... or because there are still some pages waiting to be filled... but as pages of the book were turned over and over... things seemed to matter... and there goes the part... when the story is starting to make some sense...

Beginning chapter 23 has become a big deal... there's that certainty which is somehow brushed with a hint of doubt and indecisiveness... it's like.. a real test is being put forward... it's as if a draft that cant be erased or edited is being laid down and there's nothing that you can do but make things happen... it could turn out well... or maybe a disaster..

What matters.. the author made the lead stronger and wiser.. to be able to wink and shrug over obstacles while doing everything to outrun and outwit them... so long as the lead decides to take control... opening another chapter is nothing to be afraid of but to look forward to.