17 March, 2009

Sleeping Awake x_x

Geesh.. so sleepy right now.. should be working but I'm again being attacked by my lazy-bone sickness.. haha.. just wanna share these stuffs from Cyanide and Happiness .. keeps me awake from time to time.. another alternative for manga if you want some few laughs... hahaha.. :D

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

16 March, 2009

Evil Roots O_o

"Once A Villain.. always a Villain? hmmmm..."

Can you ever tell whether a character in a movie, anime or anything is a villain? Sometimes, its really hard to do so considering the fact that some villains are good at concealing themselves. You cant be an effective villain if most of your evil actions or motives are always seen on the surface. Stealth mode should always be activated. And not knowing who the real villain is spices up the mood for a certain media.

I am not always a fan of heroes on a certain movie, anime or anything of some sort. I always go for those characters depicting cool skills and the like. And usually, I always end up waving my fan flag to those villains who are actually being disliked by many. No matter how cruel they are, you just cant take your eyes off them knowing how wise, creative, resourceful and deceitful they are. With all the means they're taking just to achieve whatever they desire, you just cant help but say "kudos to you evil-plotters!" hahahaah :P

However, my side is always for the greater good.. :D Just let me share to you "some" villains which I found so disturbing in some ways but interesting in many aspects:

Pein/Nagato -
Naruto Shippuuden
Need I say more about this "peaceful" guy? haha. From such a lame, cry-baby, sensitive and aloof child that he was, he turned to be the most gifted and talented god-like Shinobi whom many folks fear of. But with such kind of "twisted" perception over peace, harmony and understanding, he tends to kill almost everyone or anyone who crosses his way with any means you'll never thought possible.

Orochimaru— Naruto
Orochimaru's name is from a mythical tale, Orochi means "large serpent". See that snake eyes making everything about him a traitor and evil! If you try to look back at his past, you might seem to give him some second thoughts and a pinch of pity. But with all the things he did and keeps on doing, I bet no mercy would be left for you to share with him. He stops at nothing as long as he can satisfy his thirst for anything that he wants. And say, he wants everything for he even wants to exist forever!

Light Yagami, Ryuk - Death Note
I can say that Light was possessed by his evil consciousness residing into the deepest pit of his soul. I have always admired how smart he is. He was kinda nice, that's already taken; but it doesnt change the fact that he's a badass. Since he let his evil part take over him, his idea of justice was long gone before he knew it. I truly believe that all of us are born evil. But with the choices given, it's only up to us to decide which side of our soul to follow.

Ryuk, on the other hand, is pure evil. haha.. And his character tells us that we should never trust a demon or an evil person no matter how sincere it would say - "Mark my word." And what I like about Ryuk being a demon or death god? His motto : "There is no loyalty." making him a real evil as it only depends on itself.. ;)

Sosuke Aizen - Bleach
A real "planner", manipulator and "deceptor" or whatever you may call a creature full of deceptions, lies and hidden agenda. A master of his craft, this guy's been planning all his attacks and forms of deceptions in ways that even wiser guys can hardly decode... Aizen is not bound by morals and will stop at nothing just to surface his ambitions. Even manipulating or killing anyone will be done if necessary . cool, eh?! haha

Makoto Shishio - Ruruoni Kenshin/ Samurai X
Every bit of him seemed devilish. haha.. Indeed, his quite a good match for Kenshin; however, I still think he was no real match. It was just his deceptive tactics that worn Kenshin out to the bones. If Kenshin fought him while he (kenshin) was still "fresh and full of energy" and not after he had fought Sojiro, Aoshi and the others, I bet he would have been beaten big time! haha

Naraku - InuYasha
An evil with a loving heart? A wishful thinker and one who used the thought of "Love conquers all" in a bad and evil means. Oh my.. This half-demon was said to have only wished for the love of his girl who happened to love somebody else (Inuyasha, that is). Well, he tried to make use of everything evil for something he wasnt even sure of. I mean, this guy's confused and not even fully aware what he really wants with all the power he's been dying to have. Not until later when he failed that he found out what he truly wishes for - Love. ouch! :D

Vicious— Cowboy Bebop
Vicious was once Spike's partner, and it is because of him that Spike's life was shattered. A would-be leader of their crime syndicate, Vicious is smarter and more directly violent himself than a lot of the villains in anime. Old-fashioned destructiveness--plus a soupcon of maliciousness--par excellence.

Chief Kakuzawa— Elfen Lied
He tortures children and thinks he's right to do it. He doesn't just excuse it because it's what he wants; he actually thinks he's noble and doing good. Kakuzawa is an example of the most frightening of evils--the evil we've seen in our own world and in our own time--the evil of thinking you're doing the right thing, or "doing evil to do good."

However, the most vicious villain in this series is said to be Lucy. She has this sadistic streak and it seemed that killing or butchering is her primary function. Well, she's not a human afterall. So if you still want to lengthen your days in this planet, better not go against a "Lucy" type of person.. haha

Other villains such as Sensui from Yu Yu hakushu, that crazy step mom of Kougaiji and her most-dependable follower - that Doctor/scientist (forgot the name) from Saiyuki, Kurei from Flame Of Recca, Hau/Hao of Shaman King and Son Goku's nemesis such as cell, freeza and majin-boo.

There are loads of villains from bunches of anime to mention. Of course, I still have others on mind but I "reserved" some of them or those that I really fancy for my "anti-heroes" or "villains turned heroes" post.. :D Title says it all.. ;)

09 March, 2009

"Green Goodies in a Green Living World"

I have been working with a client having a website focusing on natural/organic/green cleaning products and the like for safer means of keeping homes clean. As I move along each day finding resources, I always tend to stumble upon a lot of cool sites where cool upcycled/recycled goodies are presented or made available. And this is where I've learned, that "going green" is becoming a trend nowadays.

Going green is incorporating "green ideas" for a healthier, more productive, safer and more convenient or economical lifestyle. Seeing how the worldwide recession affect each and every one of us nowadays, finding ways on how to make our lives better without spending a fortune (or because you dont have any fortune - not even a penny to get most of the stuffs you need or want) has been evident.

But more importantly, this going green campaign is more dedicated to the cause of saving Mother Earth; thus, the word - green. Since more and more environmental threats are already in the surface making known the time when our planet is already taking its toll, a growing number of concerned/environmental-conscious folks made an effort to extensively promote the green way of living. And, everything starts simple - at home. Reusing, reducing and recycling should be made a habit as it can truly facilitate a better, greener and economical lifestyle while helping restore the planet at the same time.

Now, my real point is, I want to share to you some green goodies which I found so interesting. And most of these stuffs can be made or done at home provided you're creative, patient and resourceful enough. If we are just to let our minds work for more productive things, I bet we all can develop more useful and improved stuffs like these:

The "Cassette Tape Wallet", "CD Case Chandelier" and "Upcycled Floppy Disk Notepad" proved that old things still matter.

How about these? >>> "Upcycled Tire Messenger Bag" - created from discarded tractor inner tubes, "Misprint Watering Can" - made from defective printed metal scraps and "Upcycled Ball Bag" - (obviously) made of a used soccer ball turned inside out.

Now, I dont think I can make some of these stuffs. For me, they should be done by patient (I mean.. very patient) folks. hmmm... :D This would really mean a whole lot of long and hard work.. :) >>> "Bike Chain Bowl" (It looks very heavy.. so it must stay in one place.. haha) "Flip-Flop Nesting Boxes" (handmade from the Philippines... now who says you can throw your old rubber flip flops?) "Telephone Wire Basket" (cool, eh?!)

Are these comfy? :D >>> "Bike Wheel Chair", "Coin Chair" (Amassed from over 1,500 half dollar coins and 7,000 welds) and "Water Ski Bench"

And these stuffs are pretty innovative.. :D >>> "Pool Ball Wine Stoppers", "Recycled Wine Bottle Coat Rack", "Flattened Wine Bottle Platter" and "Wine Cork Flashdrive"

Well, this would mean that throwing stuffs should never be done in a haste (might as well try to donate or sell at a bargain). Or, buying stuffs you dont really need should be minimized as making use of products manufactured with unrecycled stuffs/packaging only encourages more pollution and energy-consumption. If you want to help Mother Earth or as simple as *if you dont want to lose this planet*, then better do your part in making this world a better and greener place. Anyway, it would be for our welfare especially the future of the next generations.

07 March, 2009

Women of My Dreams x_x

Well, you can take whatever meaning you got there with regards to my post's title.. hahaha...

It's in both senses, okay. These women are those that 1.) If I'm a guy, I would really go crazy for and 2.) Since I'm *somehow* a girl, I would like to become.. oh yeah, I feel boring with the way that I am right now... I want some action!!! hahaha.. just let me drool and dream on, ok? I'm sure some guys and gals feel the same way.. :P

When it comes to real action, I like those women on movies who can make use of weapons like a samurai or sword or whatever is available as long as they're good at it. But hey, I really love movies with a samurai as the main weapon! :D

But these are the top picks for me: :D

And when it comes to guns and stunts or to some kind of fighting which can match or outrun any man's.. Here are my ladies: :D Wohoo!

Wanna try beating them? :P

I just love these movies especially the women.. haha Cool, eh?! Who would not want to own these women or to be like one of them? But I bet many men wouldnt choose them.. haha.. Considering how independent and strong these women are... Well, goodluck to the pride/ego of men.. hahaha.. :P