31 October, 2008

Creepy Madnezz ^_^

Happy Halloween!...Woot! Woot! haha... :D

If you're wondering what's with this kind of event that many of us are really looking forward to especially the kids, then you might as well go over "How Halloween Started" or "What's With Halloween?"

I no longer want to go over the details of this trick or treat something since it's not mainly my concern. I just would like to share some stuffs that may be somehow related to the theme of this event. "Scary, spooky and tricky" may be some of the terms that are mainly associated with this happening.

However, we just cant deny the fact that the usual things that come into our mind are "ghosts, dead people, witches, supernaturals and the like". And with the nature of humans to have such wide and incredible imagination, we just tend to scare ourselves even with our own mind. But then, we just cant ignore the thing about "real spooky experiences".

Whether we believe them or not, sometimes, they just happen to other people. You know, those creepy experiences like having been with a white lady in a comfort room, seeing a dwarf or any kind of supernatural being (kapre, tikbalang, etc...lol) and maybe with the presence of those so-called "aswangs".

In our country, those "things" are somewhat "natural" or simply talking about them may seem to be one of our favorite pastimes especially during the night when group of friends come together and bond. And most likely when they talk about the place "Capiz" (I'm not trying to badmouth this place but hey, it's just so popular this way, right?..hehe) which for most of the people is the abode of those creepy and scary creatures.

If they really do exist or not, we can never really tell. But this I tell you... I kinda felt/seenor experienced such creepy moments. I am not actually a beliver of those since for me, "To see or feel is to believe." However, I realized that our minds can actually decieve us.

Since we do have this nature to overthink things, we tend to think of things that may seem so impossible yet may feel so realistic; (thus we develop the determination to live up our dreams and aspirations since our mind is indeed a powerful tool to motivate us in anything that we think we need to do.)

And that can sort of give us the feeling that whatever creepy thoughts we have may be true enough. Therefore, I changed my mindset... "I'll see you when I see you." hahaahaha...sounds fun and exciting yet scared in a true sense...haha..I may appear to challenge those things to be visible in my eyes, but the truth is, "please, just dont."..hahaha

Many of those so-called "kababalaghan/creepy experiences, scary or spooky creatures" are obviously made my man's imagination and sometimes, paranoia. However, due to some experiences I've had, I can say that maybe some of them were actually true since I, myself had seen or felt them.

You may not believe me, but it doesnt matter as I wont insist the thoughts anyway. And I wont force you to believe me. But I bet you are all ears now... Since I'm going to share to you some of those unforgettable "spooky experiences" I've had.
Now here it goes:

>>> When I was just a kid ( I forgot what age..hehe), when my grandfather died and we're on his wake, I went upstairs to get something that my mother had asked me to. His wake was of course in his house and it's a two-storey old bungalow that they developed into a boarding house. During that time, there were no boarders and the whole 2nd storey had nobody in there but it wasnt dark since they saw to it that every light in the house was on. I was sure, up to now, that I never got scared going upstairs alone. But I went blank as I stood frozen at the sight that welcomed me.

My mother asked me to get the flashlight that was placed on the table near the door of one room. When I opened the door, I saw drops of blood from under the table where the flashlight was and those drops of blood formed a dotted line going thru the window that was widely open as if somebody who had his/her wrist or any part of the body was cut and the blood dripped out of it while that person went to the table and back to the window or vice versa.

The window of that room was kinda like a small door since we used it as a way going to the roof of the first floor. And the back of that house was a vacant lot or a property by a school in front of us that wasnt used or developed yet. So you can actually see the whole of that lot and what's on it.

I hurriedly went downstairs and called my dad telling him what I saw. then most of the guys in the house went upstairs to check while my other female relatives comforted me. I cant seem to remember what was my after-reaction that time. The kids and most of the female members of the family together with the visitors remained on the first floor of the house while the guys made their search. Some even went through the window to follow the trail of the blood droplets.

Then when things went to normal, the guys told us that they saw a headless cat lying dead on the vacant lot and that was where the drops of blood came from. Strange, huh?..hmmm...but creepy...and why on earth that happened or how if that cat was already dead? Could it be possibly that a headless cat can still roam around? Was it just a coincidence that those drops of blood stopped at the end of the table to where I was about to go and get something? Oh my, I think I'll just have to forget about that...haha

>>> Another thing was when I had a vacation together with my sister and three other cousins at Capiz. hahaaha.. It was because one of my cousins lived there. And their house is by the fishing wharf. That was located in "Sapian, Capiz" which is known to have abundant great tasting seafoods.

The place was actually cool and a nice place to have your vacation but due to those creepy stuffs that most people kept telling us, we were kind of scared yet excited. We stayed in a house separate to the house of my cousin but it was just beside it. And the folks told us that an "aswang's" place was just nearby. A couple of blocks away from the house we stayed. But we just ignored it.

Then late one night we were so busy laughing hard, telling jokes and stories inside our room. A super enjoy bond moment. Suddenly, we heard that the chains on the main door was like being played at. it kept on making a nose as if we were being frightened or told "beware, I'm coming." None of us made a move as we stared at each other with nervous eyes. The light on our room was off and there was no ceiling above just the roof of the house that were actually made of coconut leaves (the usual materials used to build house in that place). And that's the reason why we can hear the chains and if someone was at the door.

All of us stayed together in s single bed with just a single blanket to cover our trembling bodies. The sound was really creepy but then it stopped. Nad then another spooky sound frightened us. it was on the roof as if a cat or something bigger was scratching the leaves on the roof. We all totally hid beneath the sheets and no matter how sweaty we were, we never made a move. The creepy noise stop for about 3 minutes and so we thought it was over. However, my cousins and sister were afraid to come out of the blanket. Me and my cousin next to me dared to come out and...there! Waaaaa!...

We saw "something or somebody" above the corner pole of the room just near the door. It was like a koala on a tree but with a horrible face and bigger. I had an eye to eye contact with that creepy creature and hurriedly went inside the blanket again. And never dared coming out of it again. We fell asleep due to too much fright. hahaaha...

When we woke up, we were wet of our sweat and started laughing upon seeing ourselves and talking about what happened. Then when we came out of the house, we heard poeple talking that "Maria labu/labo" passed their town and was chased on the next town but they never captured her (during that time, she was really famous or that it was the time when she was roaming around places to places to find victims). We were all shocked upon hearing since we just thought that it was just our imagination so that we wouldnt end up scaring ourselves. Hmmm...Did she paid us a visit?...heheheeh :D

>>> This last experience that I'm going to share to you happened recently and hey, we're on a city! hahaha! It was past midnight, 1 or 2 am if my memory serves me right...hehehe...it was weekend and since I was working on a nightshift, I still cant fall asleep the usual night time. I read some books to welcome sleepiness and when I decided to head to my bed, I heard a noise outside of the room's window. the window has a jalousie so I never felt any fear if something pops out..haha...and then I sat in my bed and beside me as my mom who was already asleep. It wasnt dark outside since there was a lightpost.

Then I again heard that "noise" as if there was a bird flapping its wings added with a creepy squeak that resembled that of a "wak-wak"...hahaahaha..and then a shadow covered the bright light that was lighting straight our window. There was dark for a moment since the light coming from the post was blocked.

I was praying before I heard all those creepy noises and so I was kinda at peace and ignored them. But I really saw something was like flying back and forth the lightpost while making those creepy noises as if a little supernatural creature is looking for food, had found the target but just cant seem to get a hold of it. Even then, I just went to sleep without scaring myself.

Then the next morning when I woke up, I heard my two brothers talking to mom about the guy who was interviewd by a tv station since he allegedly saw an "aswang" or "wak-wak" of some sort. The news spread all over the locality and though some may just seem to laugh about the guy's testimonies, it gave me some shivers and chills but so glad that it didnt cae through our window? Maybe it was becuase I was praying that time? or maybe, the victim was just our neighbor?..nyahahaha...

So then I told my brothers and mom about what I heard and saw last night. My mom gave me the look implying "why didnt you wake me up?"..hahaaha...and I just calmly said that, I never felt any fear since I was praying and continued praying. I didnt got scared or anything, it was as if there's nothing to be afraid of although thoughts of creepiness came through my mind. Just look at how powerful prayer can be and always will be. ;)

Well, that's all folks... some may just seem to be strange but not that much of a supernatural experience. However, those were actually creepy moments involving scary creatures. I just hope vampires wont attack or werewolves of some sort...hahaha...but I'd like to meet some of them. Hopefully, they're friendly enough to mingle with me...nyahahaaha... :D

28 October, 2008

"Weird Madnezz"

This post was intended to be posted just before I went on a vacation (last 2 weeks yata..lol) but my connection at home bugged me off so I wasnt able to publish it...nyahahaah..and dont mind the pic..I just like that..weee!

********* ^_^ **************

Well, here I am again..a bit late for a post..but somehow..good enough to have even bothered doing so...haha! Been so busy lately..oh my..seems like "being busy" is just my routine these days..Anyway, time for me to take a break..yeah, literally..I'll be having a vacation!..weeee! :D

But before I enjoy the days of not having to face a pc all day long just like what I usually do(hopefully..hehe) and just roam around "manila", let me give you this post that is oh so new..A tag. Bwahahaha!..Sorry, got lots of things in my mind right now but I cant even sort them out..so to clear each of them litle by little, I'll just have to deal with this tag form first..haha!

To Rod (The Critic's Choice), oh well, thanks for tagging me..hehe.. :D I have other tags waiting to be answered but they just seem to be alike. Maybe I'll just have to combine some of those in this tag...bwahahaah! :P

RULE: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits / things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. NO TAG backs!

Weird?..hmmm...I think everything is weird; thus, weird is already normal..haha... Sometimes, we face with a lot of weird things in our lives but we just tend to ignore them or dont really take them seriously that's why those weird things just end up being one of those "usual" stuffs. Anyway, I dont really or not sure of whether these things that I'm gonna share are weird enough. But most of them are unknown to some of the people who knew me..not even to some of my friends..haahaa... whatever...toinks..haha :P

>>1. Unlike to most of the girls out there, I'm not fond of shopping, I dont even know how to pick the right stuff for me so I always end up regretting buying such things for myself.

That is why, if not that badly needed, I dont shop. And most of the time, I just rely to my mom or other relatives...haha...I suck at shopping. I even get bored easily. I hate window shopping..haha :P

>>2. I go to the mall or anywhere that needs no proper attire, like an ordinary man. Bwahahaha!

As much as possible (if my mom gets tired arguing with me) I go to the mall or anywhere I need to with as little stuff as possible. Just the important ones: wallet, phone, hanky and other needed ones. I dont like to carry bags like the way other girls do. And I am as simple as possible since I prefer comfort over appearance: slippers if that's ok to the place I'm heading (of course, not those rubber ones or those only intended for home use), shorts but not those very short shorts which some of those trying-hard sexy and flawless girls wear, and just a shirt or a simple blouse. I dont care how I look and how others are just as long as I'm neat, clean and comfy.

>>3. I never had my fingernails and/or toenails done at a beauty parlor or salon.

In short, never had a manicure or pedicure even if my mom would encourage me or some of my friends. haha!..Dunno why I resist. I just dont feel like having those "kikay" nails. haha.. I'm allergic to them. I just cut my nails clean and short and that's all. Sometimes, if the 'girl" within me would ty to come out, I tend to polish it with a colorless nail polish. Just that..nothing more..haha!

>>4. Geez, I know I am NOT a "tomboy". I mean, not like those real tomboys or bisexuals. But I have the inclination towards admiring the beauty of women. haha!... I even like to stare at women compared to men.haha! :P

>>5. I so hate spiders but I love spiderman. It seems that I already have an arachnophobia..waaaa!

>>6. I'm fond of wetting my hands or feet whenever I get the chance no matter how tired my limbs are.

And that's where I often get scolded. hehe! But hey, I really cant help but do so. I feel like a thirsty dry land if I'm not able to do that... a sprinkle would do. hehe. And before I do anything else whenever I get inside the bathroom, I wet my feet first, then I'm good to go. Geez...I think poseidon's a relative. haha!

>>7. I have a single white hair on my cheek that's not easily seen unless if you give my face a closer look..haha...and If that hair got pulled out of my cheek, I tend to get sick.

Not just a coincidence. I have tried a lot of times pulling it out whenever I feel good about myself but I always end up being sick. I discovered that when a friend accidentally pulled it off my cheek. At first I ignored it but when it grew back and tried doing it again, there goes the sickness. I really dont know why or if it's only in the mind...hahahaahah

>>8. I dont know how to make myself a "coloring book". I cant or I dont know how to put on any makeup all by myself, that is. hahaaha! not even fond of it..so allergic...heheehe :D

>>9. I want to be a/an: pro car racer..haha; astronaut, navy, pilot, archaeologist, assassin, ninja, pre-school teacher? bwahahaah! (nevermind, I just cant think of anything as of the moment..running out of facts/ideas..haha)

>>10. I've got multiple personalities. hmmm.. We all have, I think...hehe

>>11. I like older men..hehe... Richard Gere, George Clooney and even Sean Connery. haha! But I'd rather kiss Angelina Jolie than Brad Pitt. haha!

>>12. I'm not fond of dipping my food to any kinds of dip, sauce or "sawsaw". but It depends upon the mood. haha!

>>13. When I was a child, me and my sister got bitten..or more of like...chewed... by rats.

Yup..oh my..haha...remembering those times when I got to see my toes bleeding but they werent that painful. Maybe they got us sedated first before they feasted on our feet. haha! Hey, our feet didnt smelled bad nor stinked if that's what you think! We were asleep then. When we woke up, there it was - Bleeding, reddish and chewed toes greeting us.

>>14. I got bitten by a dog when I was just a kid due to that "moonwalk" dance.

Bwahaahah! I forgot that our dog just had her babies and I did that stupid dance towards their place wearing my granny's boots! But those boots werent much of a protection since the dog was big enough to have even swallowed my head. haha! And guess what had healed me. back then, anti-rabbies wasnt that needed nor endorsed. We were having a vacation in a province that time so the traditional means was applied to me. And that was healing time with just a small stone with a bit of a spit from my granny. Dunno how that actually worked but it really did. It was like sucking the wound out of my flesh. Didnt hurt much compared to that when I got bitten. How magical?..haha :P

>>15. I usually have weird dreams. Most of the time, my dreams or nightmares would involve people I dont even care about or cared that much. people who arent close to me and some of them, I have never even met. My dreams tend to become de'ja'vu. really... but these days where I lack sleep, Dreams or even nightmares cant seem to visit me. haha!

Well, that's all folks. I really thought this could be as easy as recalling memories. Geez, I had a hard time accumulating these things. haha... Now, here are the top 10 people that I'm gonna tag with this weird madnezz:

1. Ronald
2. Jigs
3. Jacob
4. Aice
5. Janros
6. Cilay
7. Chard
8. Mark A.
9. Gwen
10. Kuya Majar

"Just So You Know" x_x

Whew! Now I'm back...haha..had a week vacation and I definitely missed the feeling of having to face a computer again...haha... pity my "blog"...hehe..Anyway, here I am trying to make it up...

My brain's not actually working right now...haha...still got the madnezz of a short yet fulfilling vacation...it's too much to ask for more...but I just wish I had a longer vacation...hahaha :D

Right now, I'll just share with you some interesting trivia that I was able to stumble upon with my search for some anime stuff...haha...hope you'll like it.. :D

>>>(Lupin III)

-- In real life, the characters Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Zenigata are named after historic persons.

is supposedly the third generation descendant of the so-called "gentleman thief" from turn-of-the-century France, Arsene Lupin.

Ishikawa Goemon
is named after a Robin Hood-type thief from 17th century Japan. He met an untimely end by being boiled alive for his crimes.

Zenigata is named after a skilled investigator in Japan roughly around the same time as Goemon.

>>>Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

-- What is so unusual about Kenshin's sword?

It's a sakabatou or a double-edge sword, a blade where the leading edge is dull, and the back side is the cutting edge.

-- Why does Kenshin has purple eyes and red hair when Most of the people in Rurouni Kenshin are drawn such that hair and eye colour accurately depicts the persons nationality?

Purple eyes are often used to show non-humaness about characters when they are strong in magical ability etc. especially in order to show demonic power or ability thus showing Kenshin's superhuman ability with the sword. Red hair while quite rare, does occur naturally in Japan.

-- Kenshin has had three different names throughout his lifetime.

Shinta was his first name which was then changed to Kenshin when he met Hiko Seijiro. The name he used during the Bakumatsu period was Battousai, and he uses Kenshin during the period when the story takes place.

-- Saito Hajime was seen sneezing three times when eating soba in a restaurant and comments that he seems to be quite hated (by someone). What is "wrong" between his sneezing and his comment?

A saying in japan states that sneezing once means something nice is being said about you by someone, a bad remark may be said if you sneezed twice and if you did thrice, then somebody must really hate you that much.

>>>Ah! Megamisama! (Oh! My Goddess!)

You can buy a surprising number of items from vending machines in Japan including hot and cold canned drinks, beer, sake, neckties, used girls panties(!) and instant cameras.

-- What is the significance of the three goddesses' names?

The goddesses are named for the Norns of Norse mythology: Urthe, Verthande, and Skolde. Their respective areas of influence are the past, present and the future; much like the three fates of Greek and other European mythologies.

-- What's missing in a typical Japanese public washroom that would be considered essential in North America?

A hand dryer. If you want to wash your hands and dry them, your own handkerchief should do the job and nothing else. Consider this when you want to go to Japan and use their public washroom.. :D

>>>(Card Captor Sakura)

-- Each member of the Kinomoto family are named after a flower.

Sakura is named for the spring cherry blossoms, Touya is named after the peach blossoms, while father Fujitaka is named after Japanese wisteria, and mother Nadesico is named after the allwood flower (Dianthus hybridus).


-- The Dragonball series and personal digital assistants (PDA's such as the Palm Pilot) have something in common.

The PDA's are powered by Motorola's MC68x328 series of chips. The chip was developed in Hong Kong, and was given the code name Dragonball by C.D. Tam, then section manager of the Asia-Pacific region.

>>> Macross

-- The Macross universe has a link to a well known computer company. What is this link?

It appears that the Apple computers were very popular with the series creators. Macross might be a take on "Mac OS". Then there's the numbering system: Macross II (Mac II), Macross 7 (Mac System 7), Macross Plus (Mac Plus), and Sharon 'Apple.'

-- The pilots in Macross Plus were testing two new veritechs, the YF-19 and the YF-21. What do the letters stand for?

In today's US military, aircraft are given the 'Y' prefix designation if it is a demonstration prototype, and the 'F' designation if it is a fighter.

16 October, 2008

Inspired Madnezz ^_^

“How Soon Is Now?”

Don’t know what exactly has got into me but I seem to have this feeling that I need to fix my life. Haha! It’s nothing really that I’m in a mess right now. It’s just that, I’m starting to think that I’m just wasting some or most of my precious time. It’s like as if something’s telling me to do something. Maybe something new…for a change. Not just to change the way that my life goes right now. But to make it more meaningful and worthy to remember. It seems that I’m missing a lot of things that life has to offer me and my family or friends. Right now, I just want to live my life..as much as possible..to the fullest. I know this may seem hard to do, but I’ll get by…one step at a time, right?..weeeee!

And maybe this is because I’m working on a nightshift. Working on this shift can really make your life a mess. Way too abnormal…haha! All you want is to sleep at the end of your shift and you tend not to have what you want or need since it is really hard to sleep during daytime due to a lot of nuisance and other annoying things. It’s really hard to sleep when you know for a fact that the sun is shining. Sleep is very different at time compared to when you need to sleep during the day…haaayz…Now, I’m losing all my motivation as I want to bring back the life that I once had. But I thought that I cant do that anymore but instead, live on with a different point of view. Make a change and try to correct past mistakes.

And what had truly inspired me are as follows:

>>> I went over the time when I was able to read one book I borrowed from my bookworm friend John Ross. I had read lots of his books and I loved them all. One book that had really an effect on me was “The Wish List”.

"Wicked is the key word here, in all its senses."

The Wish List is a fantasy novel by Eoin Colfer . It chronicles the adventures of Meg Finn, a spirit who has struck a perfect balance between good and evil and, as such, is barred from entering either heaven or hell. In order to redeem herself, she travels back to Earth in order to help an old man she had nearly robbed before she died, complete the items on his wish list, and thus gain entrance to heaven before she runs out of time.

This had given me the idea that no matter how late you think it is to make a change, you are still likely to be given a chance to make that change just as long as you want it too. “It is never too late.” Correcting your mistakes can be easily done if you do have the heart to do so. You can always make your life a better one if you choose to do so. Many of us are scared to embrace that fact thus the drive to change and its essence seems to fade away. But change is one of the constant thing in the world that we cannot hide away from, so why not take the risks?

Unlike to this fantasy novel, we cant undo our mistakes just after we died. So while we still have time, we have to deal with our lives the real and proper way. Do what you need to and avoid doing what you must not.

>>> The movie “The Bucket List” shares the same concept with the book I mentioned but this is way too realistic as the people involved are still alive but terminally ill. This isn’t fictional nor a part of our fantasy. It is something that could truly awaken our lives.

"When he closed his eyes, his heart was opened "

In "The Bucket List," two strangers, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, meet in a hospital knowing they both are on borrowed time due to their terminal illnesses. They realize that life is short, and instead of waiting to die, they make a list of all the things they could do to truly live their lives.

Well, it is indeed helpful to make a list of what you want to do in your life no matter how impossible you may think they are. The more you pour out your thoughts or ideas, the more you'll realize the things that you either want or need to do. All you need to have is a pen and notebook or a journal to list down the things that you want to pursue, achieve or overcome. It may also help change your life to scribble down your thoughts and emotions. Not only that it could lessen your burdens but it will soon make you realize what you have done and felt the other day thus will inspire you either not to do it again or make it even better.

>>> Another thing is this blog - "Live Life To The Fullest"

I really find it fascinating to see such bloggers who have a very detailed and realistic view of what life really is. His posts are really eye-openers and would leave you wondering how the hell are you living your life right now. He had so many insights and the thoughts that he share are so plain simple for us to understand and realize that we really must do something in order to live our lives to the fullest. He was also able to stumble upon a blog/site that had also caught my interests. A blog/site from a professional life coach - "Michael Moniz's Living Life Out Loud"

To end this post, I would like to share to you some of my life's lists:

Some of them are mainly "wishes" and some of them are the things that I want to do just before I die...if possible...haha :D

- be able to drive a cool sports car or an F1 car or race with Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso

(see what I mean...hahahah...dream on, dude! You dont even know how to drive and never had the chance to drive a "padyak"...maybe I'll be able to do this if I can steal one... lol)

- travel around the world! or go to places I have always wished to go such as Egypt, Paris, England, Greece, Rome, China, etc.

(maybe this can be done...when I become a millionaire!...wahahaah!)

- eat exotic foods that I never dared to eat... :D

- bond with the spiders or other reptiles or arachnids...waaaaaaaaaaa! just kill me then.. :D

- be truly open with my family and friends....hehe..bond with them with the real me.. :D

- kiss a girl...bwahahaah!...you know what I mean...hahaha

- play soccer with beckham or zidane...lol...maybe, to watch them play live would do :D

- go to an island with my best friends and spend a week there or a month without anything...hahaha...castaway mode.. :D

- spend a night with george clooney, richard gere, kevin costner, mel gibson, john cusack, gerard butler or ewan mcgregor, etc... bwahahahaaha!

- have a family vacation trip at Las Vegas, France or anywhere around the world...hahaha

- be trained like a soldier or a ninja or assassin...hahahaaha :P

- try to have a manicure or pedicure or become a kikay even just for a day....bwahahaahah!
I bet my friends would really tag along with me just to see how I would really manage doing so..lol

- go somewhere else al by myself and be brave enough to kiss a stranger.. a handsome one..even if he has a girlfriend... lol.. :P :D

Oh well, enough of this...maybe I'll end up filling the whole page of this blog just for a single post....lol So, how about you? What are the things that you want to do in your life or just before you die? Do you have your own wish/bucket or life list? Why not try doing it now? :D

05 October, 2008

Killing Time... ^_^

They say that "time is of an essence, time is gold." But what if you just cant find anything more worthwhile to do with your time? Yeah, everything is all in the mind. If we can think of doing nothing, then we can actually think of doing something..and even those with an essence or can contribute to our wellness or productivity or whatsoever. But if boredom strikes, oh c'mon..admit it. You just "don"t" want to do anything else but find some fun. It's not always that we can have the "liberty of wasting time" so why waste it?..haha..Pretty crazy, huh? :D

Oh well, what I'm talking about is..how well do you manage your time whenever boredom strikes? Sometimes, boredom strikes just when you know you have a lot of things to do. More important ones. And so comes procrastination. haha. But then, can you really push yourself over the limits? Can you actually focus well if you no longer have that drive? If you seem to be drained? Now, let's just call this..hmmm...energizers? haha! Well, whenever I am at work and tend to act lazy since "boredom strikes again", I'm just looking for something fun to do. Something that could really make me laugh and shake away those boring feeling thus feel lively again. Now here goes some of my "energizers" or those that had realy help a lot in keeping me awake during those boring and stressful moments of my life or even when I'm at home...haha...you can try if you like..I bet you too would enjoy..haha ;)

*How Does Madnezz Kill The Boring Time or Dull Moments?*

1. Read Manga Online or Download Manga For Free - My favorites as of now are Naruto and Bleach and I also tend to read other series if I have enough time.

2. Watch Movies - either online or those already downloaded..haha..me bad..me one of pirates..haha :P

3. Play Facebook Game Applications - Facebook has a lot of applications and usually, those that I have been
adding are its game applications such as bowling buddies, pet society and many more. Here are some screenshots from my pet society..haha..this is really a craze for a lot of people and I'm really wondering how could some of them play with such mounting scores! this game takes a lot of time and only for those who have the patience. Dont they have anything to do aside from these stuff?...haahaa..and since I'm kind of busy sometimes, I'm getting left behind..awts.. :D

>>> My Pet "Ares"..haha..looks like a game for kids, huh? Wel, it really dos look like a child's game...But hey, it's really cool coz you make your own pet or customize its look and its house + you get to see and bond other users' pets too...haha :P

4. Another one is making avatars..You know..like the ones that I made..haha...they're really cute and most of the sites I was able to come up to or from a friend are really hilarious that could always end me up bursting with laughter making them pretty effective as "energizers".. :D

I'll just enumerate some of the sites where avatar-making had been made to reach the highest level of fun..haha...I have forgeotten some of them but I was able to save some of my work...the funny ones of course...hahahaah :D

>>> Your Face In a Manga or Anime

here are some of what I was able to do and some that was sent by some friends...

the work of art
tiyanak mode face

I really had fun working on these faces...most of them were really OMG! Do I really look like that? hahahahahaha...But unfortunately, I wasnt able to bookmarked the site so I cant share it..hehe

>>> Your Face In A Yearbook (comes in assorted timeline x_x)

This is so much fun since you can se yourself in different year's hairstyle and trends..haha
And damn, I just so look awesome when I put my face in a man's profile..haha...women's looks in a yearbook were really so hilarious I almost broke my jaw due to overlaughing..lol :P

me as a "cutie", a chubby with mumps and the girl version of Aslan...bwahaha!

the last one that I'm gonna share to you is not the original site where I made the following samples (since again..I forgot about the original) but they're kinda related since some of the styles were the same..hehe

>>>Your Face Just Anywhere

Well, these may appear to be simple stuffs but I was really able to not only kill the time but boredom, too. Ano ang magagawa eh sa mababaw lang ang kaligayahan..haha..masarap kaya tumawa pag naBore ka na or antuk..parang exercise. Laughter is indeed the best medicine..hehe

Should I forget to mention that blogging is also a way for me to kill the time?..hehe...like right now..It's already 1:16 in the morning and yet sleep is nowhere to be found. Well, what can I expect?..I'm a vampire and I'm supposed to be hunting...but..yah know..day off daw..haha :P

Picking Up The Pieces... x_x

"You know what's the right thing to do..but you just keep doing the opposite..."


You have been shown the way
the way leading to a place you know you want to go;
and yet you remain to be still thinking it isnt true.
You never believed that such thing could happen
doubts is all you have and you let it eat you.

You're miserable..yes, you are.
doomed and clueless, lost and drowned.
Someone's reaching out
and yet you refuse to hold on to
feeling that it is still...not that true.

What the heck's wrong with you?
Is trust really that hard to give?
Yeah, you're just being protective.
but isnt it way too overkill?
overdoing it to the extent that
you're already hurting yourself.

They're not all the same
One cant be true
but it doesnt mean that the rest of them
is just what you think they can be.
Wake up, move on.
You always know what to do
You've always thought of doing it anyway
So why let those tears roll.

Now you know.
You just so know...
the things that you ought to do
the next time this thing would come around.
Reach out. Open up.
And most of all...Learn to trust.

Life isnt all rainbows and butterflies
I think you already know
Dont let that iffing crap eat the best of you
You can do more than you just think you can
Fly high and dont be afraid to fall
or else you'll never know
the feeling of losing and grieving.

Now hold your head up high
But not because I told you
But because you want to start anew
This may be hard
but you can never learn the easy way
besides, life is what you make it.

Face it. Be brave.
Accept and listen. Feel the freedom.
Let those blood stream with ease.
Everything depends on you;
But you know you can always count on me.
Just look behind what your eyes can see,
and there you'll find...
the perfect reflection. ^_^

01 October, 2008

Time Flies... x_x

Oh my, thank God we were given a holiday! Wohooo! Time flies so fast that I just tend to get shocked by each day that passes. Sometimes, I want to prolong the hours so that I may be able to finish the things that I have to...what else, but my ever-so-maka-nosebleed-routine-tasks?!! I just want to go yelling that I've had enough and I want to quit. I just want to run around like crazy and punch each and every walls or anything that goes my way...I am just sooo stressed and I'm freaking out..I've been killing myself with my work. Dunno if I'm really this dedicated now..No! I am pressured...bohooo! tsk3..But I can do nothing but feel obliged. haaayz...Just thinking of the essence of having such a job compared to those who are dying to have even the simplest one...(just be thankful, I say to myself..and giving up is not the answer..heehee. ) But can you really find a simple job in this whole universe? C'mon, there's no such easy tasks. You'll only have no difficulty doing something if you really love doing it..Right?..Oh well, so much for these rants. Oh, did I mention that I am also depriving myself of sleep just to keep up with my work? Geez...What the hell's happening to me....now, I'm talking...haha!

The first "ber" month has ended in just a glimpse and I couldnt even recall some of the things that happened this month. Time flies really so fast especially if you have lots of things to do.. Lots of movies to watch, anime especially...manga to read...tv series to feast my eyes with...haaayz...The highlights of my "september"??...hmmmm...better left unsaid...oh, except the happening to which some of my colleagues were up againsts our admins. wohoo...that was really hot..I mean..the blog they mde to spill out everything...i bet it already had a high pr...haha....well, those who know what I'm talking about...they just know what I'm talking about...haha! But I really sympatized to those who had been laid off from their job..haaayz... : (

Right now, I can think of a lot of topics to post; however, my eyes are getting tired now since I still havent sleep...good thing "sleep" visited me now..I'm about to go to dreamland..hopefully...but before I lead myself into the wilderness..naks..etchus..haha//let me share to you one song that I liked from the movie "Once". It is an independent film but had won something from the Emmy's..for their songs I think..or as far as I can remember..haha..I really like the songs there espcially the duets although they were kind of sad and merely directed to those brokenhearted people...haahaa! hoe you like it, too.. ^ _^

Falling Slowly

by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You've made it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along