31 August, 2008

"What You Need To Know"....

Hey, I'm back..with some anime stuff...weeeee! I've been loaded with different ideas on what to post about anime but I cant seem to choose what's the best thing so, I'll just go with the basic. I'll start off with some fancy trivia that I was able to get from different sources. Dunno if they're updated or outdated, but nevertheless, these information can really be fun and informative in some ways especially for those anime lovers like me but dont really seem to care some details regarding it. :D

Do you know that...

1. The First person to use the term "manga" in 1815, was the Japanese artist Hokusai (1760-1849), when he referred to some of his comic sketches as "careless" (man) "drawings" (ga).

2. The history of anime begins at the start of the 20th century, when Japanese filmmakers experimented with the animation techniques that were being explored in the West.

3. During the 1970s, anime developed further, separating itself from its Western roots, and developing unique genres such as mecha. Notable shows in this period include Lupin III and Mazinger Z. During this period several filmmakers became famous, especially Hayao Miyazaki and Mamoru Oshii.

4. The oldest Japanese animation we know of comes from about 1907. Only three seconds long it shows a young boy in a sailor suit writing out the words in Japanese for "Moving Pictures," turns to the audience, takes off his hat and salutes.

5. Mecha, also known as meka or mechs, are walking vehicles controlled by a pilot. In most science fiction stories in which they appear, mecha are war machines: essentially armored fighting vehicles with legs instead of treads or wheels. Some stories, such as the Japanese manga Patlabor, also encompass mecha used for civilian purposes such as heavy construction work, police functions, or firefighting.

6. In Japan, "robot anime" (known as "mecha anime" outside Japan) is a genre that features the vehicles and their pilots as the central plot points. The Gundam franchise is a prominent example: Gundam toys and model kits (produced by the Japanese toymaker Bandai) are ubiquitous in Japan.

7. Rarely, mecha has been used in a fantasy convention, most notably in the anime series Aura Battler Dunbine, The Vision of Escaflowne and Maze. In those cases, the mecha designs are usually based on some alternative or 'lost' science-fiction technology from ancient times.

8. In the 1980s, anime was accepted in the mainstream in Japan, and experienced a boom in production. The start of the Gundam franchise and the beginnings of Rumiko Takahashi's career began in this decade. Akira set records in 1988 for the production costs of an anime.

9. The series Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z became worldwide successes. Other series like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop were popular in Japan and attracted attention from the West.

10. Spirited Away shared the first prize at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2003, and Innocence: Ghost in the Shell was featured at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

11. In 1948, Toei Animation was founded and produced the first color anime feature film in 1958, Hakujaden (The Tale of the White Serpent, 1958).

This film was more Disney in tone than modern anime with musical numbers and animal sidekicks. However, it is widely considered to be the first "anime" ever, in the modern sense. It was released in the US in 1961 as Panda and the Magic Serpent. Throughout the 1960s and into the early 1970s Toei continued to release these Disney-like films and eventually also produced two of the most well known anime series, Dragon Ball in 1986 and Sailor Moon in 1992.

12. One of the most influential anime of all time was the Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984).

13. Some Western animation companies have produced works of some anime resemblance. The Animatrix and the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender were influenced by anime. Other animated series such as Teen Titans have at least a few anime characteristics. Even France and Canada have also started to produce anime-inspired shows such as Martin Mystery (Canada/France) Totally Spies! (France) and Team Galaxy (France).

14. Anime has become commercially profitable in western countries as early commercially successful western adaptations of anime, such as Astro Boy, have revealed. The phenomenal success of Nintendo's multi-billion dollar Pokémon franchise was helped greatly by the spin-off anime series that, first broadcast in the late 1990s, is still running worldwide to this day. In doing so, anime has made significant impacts upon Western culture.

15. The first occurrence of mecha in fiction is thought to be the novel The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells where the Martians use tripod walkers very similar to mecha.

Well, that's all for now, folks! More about anime coming up...haha..just watch out, okay?..toinks..lol

30 August, 2008

What the **** have you been doing lately?

(Inspired by the movie – "Wanted")

So what is it really that you’ve been doing lately? Are you kind of bored with just how you live your life and everything about it? Do you need to feel some action and experience some changes that could make you breathe harder, pulse rising and blood streaming? Well, it’s all in the mind and for you to get what you have been “wanted”, you should go for it. Nothing’s impossible. Just be real.

(Intro lang tu…ewan if may connect…slight lang siguro…hahaaha)

Whoah!..This month's about to end and time flies just so fast you realized..hmmm…Did I spent most of my days doing productive things? Or just the usual routine that you think is sucking the best out of you? Hmmmm… :D

Okay, admitted. I am well fitted on the latter one. It’s as if I was really busy doing a lot of things but it seems that I can’t find any “productiveness” in it….haha…complicated, eh?! (Kumbaga, nag bibusy-busyhan lang daw…ahaha! Para kasing ang hectic ng schedule tax mukhang lagi pang puyat…lol) Oh well, I have been depriving myself with sleep lately…not that I intend to do it but there are things that are really way beyond my control.

Since I was transferred back to nightshift after having to taste the burning rays of the sun and the irritating traffic added with the thought that being on a dayshift is kind of expensive I had to “again” make some adjustments…haaayz; Especially with my sleeping habits. Not actually sure about the “being on a day is more costly” but that’s according to my observation and experience. Maybe it’s because during the day, all or most of the stores or other temptations are well open to greatly entice you while working on a nightshift can just hinder you from going through all or most of those temptations as you would usually spend your “day” sleeping or wrestling with your bed…hahaha!

Moreover, If I can’t seem to have even just a glimpse of dreamland, I let my eyes get tired staring at the pc. Hahaaha…Been drowning myself watching movies and tv series online or those already downloaded and then I realized, I am not sort of the person who gets sleepy after or during a movie marathon…even if it’s the most boring movie…I always tend to wake up my senses even more…But still, I cant just stop myself from doing it since I have no other things in mind to do. I know there are better things to do and some of them may be essential for me but I just cant seem to motivate myself from doing them with my “blog” for an instance. I am even more concerned and focus with reading somebody else’s blog…hahaha…maybe I am more of a reader than a writer…toinks..hehehe

Now this post is something really personal. An outlet in the most obvious way. Haha! Blogging really does help you gush out the stress even from the deepest corner of your body and soul. I am a bit stressed, yes I am. And maybe that’s why I am doing this now…hahaha….Oh please, don’t ask me to get stressed always just to have updates on this blog…hahaha…Oh well, such a relief I was able to do “this” again. Hopefully, the next post wont be a month long after…hahahaha :D

21 August, 2008

Tag-taga-dag... (cont'd) x_x


So what is this all about?..hmmm..hehehe!

I've been tagged!...weeeee!...by one of the most interesting persons in this blogging community - Ron Cheers! :D

Rules/Instructions (daw)
-Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don't forget to change the answers to the questions with that of your own.

(A) four places i go over and over

1. Office - (aside from our house, that's the best place for you to find me...haha. Oh, I'm on a nightshift btw...hehe)

I like hanging out with my office friends. And although meju nagka-watak2 na ofis berks ko dahil sa nagkaiba na shifts ay ok lang...nagkikita pa naman kami whenever we want to.. ;)

2. Kainan - (resto, fastfood or anywhere na pwede food trip..as much as possible...pa-iba2...haha)

Just the most wonderful place to share some good laughs with your frends...keeping up with the latest news regarding your friends especially if it's been quite a while since you've seen each other...

3. Mall - (either for movies or food trip, arcade or any recreation found inside the mall)

Usually, this is our option if me and my friends want to have a "bonding" but cant get the luxury of time.

4. Videoke bar, Beach, bowling center, nightout spots (tama ba?..not sure how or what to call it... lol)

I or we(my barkada/frends) dont really frequent these places. But whenever we tend to plan for any kind of "bonding" or get-together, these are just the choices...Ohh, I just miss the moments..haaayz... :D Cant wait for the next one. :>

(B) four people who email me regularly:

1. Audri and Jim Lanford (some kind of a newsletter providing daily "Inspirational Quotes

I came across their site offering a collection of quotes from different topics/genre. I am fond of collecting those...hehe!..Sometimes, they just come in handy. :D

2. Anything from Client or Forwarded Messages from friends (regarding work, fun or just pure crap..lol)

3. Notifications, etc. (I'm getting sick and tired of these emails..tsk! from unsolicited invitations and the like)

4. Spams (now these are just so annoying to the highest level! Aargh! Good things most of them goes to a separate folder...haaaayz..but still..they just get to the bones. Deleting them takes some of my time..haha!)

(C) four of my favorite places to eat:

1. At home (I just love home-made products or should I say dishes cooked at home either by my mom or dad or kahit mga ewan-ko-ba-na-niluto...hahaha! sa bahay lang kasi talaga ako nakakakain ng "healthy foods". :D

2. KFC (gosh, I am just a sucker for kfc's fries and burgers...aargh! Craving again...huhu!)

3. Other Fastfood Chains (McDonald's, Jolibee or Chowking, etc)

4. At the beach or at videoke bars (weeee...hahaha..saya naman...tara nah!..haha)

(D) four places i'd rather be:

1. Davao or Samal Island (I just like to explore its beaches and other nature-tripping spots)

2. Palawan, Bohol or any other place in the Philippines where it's best to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature

3. Brazil, Italy or Greece (just curious about the place..they seem to be fantastic..haha...haayz)

4. Egypt or England (to visit the pharaoh or prince...hahahaahhah!..oh well..angal ka?..haha)

(E) Four people I think will respond:

hmmm...is it ok to mention Ron again?..haha..oh well..He's worth it, i guess. Pero kung hindi na pwede...

Jigs - a long-distance frend...hahaha...we work in the same company but at different location... cheers! :>
he frequently visits my blog, thats why...hehehehe... :D

2. Rod/"The Critic's Choice" - another frend and officemate (same building different shift na..hehe)...
Just one of the coolest
guys I have ever known. He's just extraordinary.. :D

3. Jacob or Ronald - frends, bloggermates and like Jigs, we work in the same company but diff. location

Cilay or Janros - my best of frends...weeeeeeeee!.. :D

(Oh yan, kayo na naman ang naTagged...heheehe.. :D)

(F) four tv shows i could watch over and over:

1. Amazing Race - I just love the idea of travelling so many places with all those adventures and challenges

2. Anything from National Geographic Channel Or Discovery Channel (way too informative)

3. Oprah - hahaaha..oh anoh?..paki nu?..haha..basta..halo2 kasi ehh..fun, information and the like.. :D

4. Documentary shows or talk shows?...hahaha..whatever... :D

Wohoooo! At natapos din..after ten years! lalalala!...hahahaha...Oh well, that's all folks. Aside from the fact na pagod na ako ay antuk na din ako at need ko na matulog..hahaha...See you...kung kelan naman ako tupakin..lol

Tag-taga-dag... just Tagging along..^_^

Tag101 (part01)

Hey, been a long time!...hehe...

Anyway, I am used to seeing and knowing that my "blog" is not often as managed as the blogs of other real bloggers..haha...kahit pa may time ako kung wala ako sa mood...tinitingnan ko lang talaga tung blog na tu at mas enjoy ako sa pagbabasa sa blog ng iba lalo na ng mga "frends" ko dito...hehe!

I have so much in mind na gusto iPost pero ewan at mas madalas pa sa minsan na naiiwang "pending draft" (redundant na ba?..haha..watever..) ang mga ideas ko...toinks...kung merun lang kasi sana makarecord sa mga iniisip mo lalo na sa mga bigla2 na lamang ga pop-up na gusto mo sana isulat pero tinatamad ka or pagod kaya hindi na natutuloy...and unfortunately...mas prevailing sakin yung katamaran na magsulat kesa sa drive na magshare ng ideas kahit gaano pa itu kaganda sa paningin ko...hahaha! Kapag emo ako or loaded sa mga nakakalokong emotions at thoughts na hindi ko mapigilan sa pagpupumiglas dahil gustong lumabas (naks..lalim netu ahh..pero teka..sounds familiar ahh...hahaha..kamikaze?..lol)

I was planning to post about my recent experiences with me having.. a pet!!!!!!..weee!..yup..finally got it..but then it's a good thing at mas nauna kong ginawa ang magbasa sa posts ng iba..kaya ayun, na discover ko na may nagTAG pala sakin,..haha..just so unexpected...at dahil jan..it made my day...full of grin..like this ohh >> :D Thanks to Ron..Hey, I am tagging you back..haha..pwede ba yan?..wala ako alam sa mga tagging2 na tu ehh though madami na din ako nakita...haha.

And since parang dapat magsorry for posting this late in a late manner (hindi naman sa napipilitan ako...sinasabi ko lang observation ko..hahaha..courtesy call? toinks..) ay gagawin ko na din... RON SORRY FOR POSTING THIS SO LATE (hindi ibig sabihin nun na hindi ko naAcknowledge ang pag tag mo sakin,...flattered nga ako..lalo pa at napatawa ako sa "description" or kung anu man tawag mo dun sakin...haha..yun nga lang...lately ay naging busy din ako sa aking karera...hahaha!)...I dont even know if I am doing things right...hahaha..enwei, salamat na din...never expected this to come from somebody I barely knew..just in this virtual world...(ni hindi ko din anticipated na may mag-aabala na magbasa ng blog na ito..lol) hehe!.."mwahugs" para sayo at isang masigabong palakpakan...hahahaaha :>

Teka, wala pa nga yung content ng "tag" eh bakit parang ang haba na yata ng naisulat ko dito?..hahaha... wala ako gana anoh?..toinks! chop2 ko na lang siguro para hindi masakit sa mata ng mga matiyaga na magbasa ng blog na ito...hahaaha

(to be continued...on the next post...) weeee!...hahaha

08 August, 2008

Snooze Off... x_x

Give me a pet!!!!!!!! hahaha!... x_x

I never had a pet, that's why...huhuhu! My brothers had some assorted fishes as pets but they had lost them eventually...cant remember why...hehe...too bad...I loved those angels fishes and sword fishes...they're just so cute and colorful... But still, I wasnt really able to have any kind of animals for pet.

I wanted to have a pet to have..anu ba tawag dun?..hmmm..companion?..ewan..basta iba "daw" talaga kasi pag may pet ka..lalo na 'pag dog yun...hehehe...gusto ko talaga sana..nuon pa...pero ayaw kasi ng mama namin na may aso or anything sa bahay...haaaaay...hanggang fishes lng kmi or birds...toinks...eh ang gusto ko pa naman talaga alagaan ay....Tiger!...weeee!...or fox...hahaha! gusto ko din sana ng dolphin...haha..ok ba?.. :D

But whenever I do have the chance to live on my own (single pa ha...hindi yung pag kinasal something...wala pa sa isip ko yun...maliban na lamang kung ma"disgrasya" ako. wag naman sana...lol...kumbaga..independent living...naks...:P), mag-aalaga talaga ako ng dog. Wag lang yung cat...hmmm..ewan...pwede na din...kung may magbigay sa akin...but I'd really prefer to take care of a dog...hmmm...anu kaya name ko sa "future" dog ko?...hmmm...bantay?!...tagpi!?...hahahaahah...doggie?...hahahaah...suggest naman jan oh...hahahaha

Having a pet, a dog specifically, is something that I really look forward to. I dont know if I can manage to handle a pet and give him/her what he/she needs. I am not really sure if I am capable of catering to the pet's needs. Nevertheless, if ever I'd be given the opportunity to take care of a pet/dog, I will really do my best to love and nurture my pet...weeeeee!...hahaahaha...dapat lang noh....sayang naman kung d ako mag effort.

But then, if the dog that will be given to me is some sort of the one here that I'd like you to see... I would rather have none or wish for nothing as a pet. This is really so sad to deal with. I dont think makaya ko na may pet ako na ganitu...huhuhhu....hope you share the same sympathy with me for this "narcoleptic" dog.

A Dog with Narcolepsy(uncontrollable sleeping/dozing off)

I am a sleepy-head and I really love to sleep if I may. Or, pagod lang talaga ako at kelangan ko talaga matulog...hahahaah...but then seeing this creature fight the uncontrollable attack of sleep makes me wonder...huhuhuh...sama siguro ng pakiramdam nya lalo na ng mga nag-aalaga sa kanya... hahaaaayz...oh well, there are really things that we cant handle and are way beyond our control. I know there's always a reason for this...but then too bad some creatures of this kind will have to suffer this unexplainable phenomenon in their lives. Anu na lang kaya sa mga narcoleptic na mga tao?..hehehe..hala, baka narcoleptic ako...pero mild pa lng!...hahaaha...kung may narcolepsy ka daw kasi..as in bigla2 lang matutumba ka na sa antuk...hahaaayz...tsk3! :(

06 August, 2008

Dazed and Confused... x_x

“Ang gulo ng buhay. Mga tao nag-aaway. Sa mga anung dahilan, yun ang dapat kantiyawan. Walang kwentang mga bagay, mas pinapahalagahan kesa sa buhay. Bakit nagkaganito? Puso't isip ko ay litong-lito. May magagawa pa ba ako? Anu ang maitutulong ko? Sana hindi pa huli ang lahat....”

Why this? I dont know. Right now, all that I want to do..is pour my heart out. Lately, so many things have been bugging my mind (and even my feelings..naks..lol). And reading cool...I mean “really cool” blogs were like my meds for stress and sleepiness. I never thought blog hopping could be that fun. I was able to discover a lot of blogs, most were really “personal” blogs. I was so fascinated with the way they write their posts and pouring their heart out at the same time. There were brutally honest bloggers who dont care whatever other people would say and I was even able to dropped by a blog of a person or blogger who doesnt allow comments.. Cool..hahahaah

And here I go again...Procrastinating. I think that's what I am good at...lol...And maybe... I am also a sloth...waaaaaaaa....Why am I not so motivated?..I cant even uplift myself to the highest level?..What is so wrong with me? Why is it that I really find it hard to be passionate about anything or something and even to somebody or someone I love or need to love? Errrrr!...Tsk! I am soo doomed...pfft!

I want to cry...I want to run and hide...Go somewhere I can find myself. To the place where I can be myself...not to big brother's house dude! C'mon...tsk3! Lately, ang daming bumabagabag sakin...tama ba?...hahaha...trying to use the language that I think I really should be good at. But still, and of course, I am not...lol...hahaaayz....I am not saying na magaling ako mag ingles...Kasi hindi talaga...UU, marunong..pero konti lng at hindi magaling...Compared mo sa mga sosyal, sa mga coniong jologs at sa mga elitistang inborn na talaga...at sa mga gumaling dahil sa pinag-aralan nga nila...hahaha

Ang totoo, just before I made this post..meju masama pa ang pakiramdam ko...naluluha ako na ewan dahil feeling ko may nasaktan ako..eh sa weakness ko pa nmn yun?..yun bang malaman mo na ikaw ang dahilan ng pag suffer ng ibang tao?..waaaaaaaaa...tsk3...ang sama-sama ng pakiramdam ko..feeling ko ako na ang pinakamasamang tao sa mundo para gawin ko yun sa kanya kahit naman may nakikita akong magandang rasun sa ginawa kung iyun...yun nga lng ay hindi ako sure kaya etu ako ngayun at naloloka...mabuti na lang at may mga “senseful” akong kaibigan (Eaves – tenkyu talaga...you're the best..just when I need you the most...at kahit kelan na gusto or need ko ng kausap at kaibigan...you're always there...huhuh...mwaaah!..bading mode ako pacenxa na...lol) na umuntog sa akin at pumukaw sa nabulabug kung damdamin...naks...ang galing ko rin pala mag tagalog...taglish pala...haha

UU na at wala akong tiwala...hindi naman sa wala..meju...konti lang siguro at hindi yun sapat para mapagbigyan kita. Para malaman mo...hindi ito madali lahat sa akin...bka akala mo hindi ako apektado..duh?!...haahaha....sana maintindihan mo kung anu man ang nasa puso ko...ikinalulungkot ko na makitang (uhmmm...malaman lang pala...lol) nagluluksa ka ng dahil sa mga sinabi ko or desisyun ko...pero ganun din ako...yun nga lang...sana ma accept at ma understand mo..na yun ay para din sa ating dalawa...naks...hahaahah...haaaayz

Ewan ko ba..pero I just cant help but doubt...men?...hmmm...not really all...but when it comes to having commitment with men..I am just so cynical at hindi talaga naniniwala..agad or as in fully...toinks....I have seen enough or more than enough lessons to stop me or prevent me from believing that men or some men are worth the trust and everything. I dont want to dwell into these thoughts and emotions. I know somehow, kinakain nila pagkatao ko...at kahit gaano ko pa kinoconsider ang mga bagay2 na dapat kung pakaisipin...kahit paano..naguguluhan pa rin ako...Anu nga ba talaga ang mas dapat sundin pag nakaharap ka na sa sitwasyun wherein you are caught between the fact na merun isang tao or madaming tao (lalake for an instance...para sa babae xempre..lol) na nagmamahal sayo, nararamdaman mo din pero hindi mo maamin dahil nga sa impluwenxa ng ibang tao or pangyayari sa buhay mo? Makakapag-isip ka pa ba ng tama?...nyahahaahaaayz!...God, help me pls.

I think alam ko naman kung anu ang dapat kung gawin...kung anu ang dapat kong isipin at pairalin...Kailangan ko lang na ihanda ang aking sarili sa madami pa na pwedeng mangyari. At kahit hindi ko man malalaman ang kung anu man na posibleng mangyayari, hindi ko man mapigian mag expect...ay gagawin ko na din (no expectations...maybe hope na lng..eheh)...dahil ilang beses na sinalpak sa aking pagmumukha...na sa buhay...you need not to expect...or as much as possible...wag mag expect....dun nanggagaling kasi ang mga napakasakit na failures and depressions...nyeeee..hahaha!...Just go with the flow and enjoy life...(naks..minimotivate ko na ba self ko?..hmmmm...lol)...

I know I am too cautious and protective of myself...sana not to the extent na binabasura na kita and end up wailing na sana hindi ko na ginawa (regrets/regretting, just my another talent...booo...haha). I hope I am not driving off or scaring away those who deserved to be loved and those who could really love me in ways incomparable to those I have chosen to stick with. Bohoo!...ang lupet ng buhay ko!..pero enjoy na din ako....lol...kung walang ganitu?..what's more to live life with?..hahahaha...Sige pa, saktan mo pa ako...akala mo ba hindi ko gusto? (hmmm...masochist?...lol)...Uu na at indifferent ako at times..but this is me..if you cant take that...hell I care...Accept ko naman kung anu ka ahh...I dont need the courtesy of returning the favor....just try to go over what's with the word Respect....lol :P...haha...toinks...kung anu2 na sinasabi ko at tinatype ko pa...pero kahit na...I know...kahit kawawa na tung keyboard ay maiintindihan din nya ako..this is what you're built for...(purpose?..hmmm...anu kaya ang sa akin?...lol)

Gusto ko pa sana idagdag...ang kagaguhan ng isang “kaibigan”..pero wag na lang at baka kung anu pa masabi ko...naiinis ako...at malapit na mapuno..pero salamat na lng at may blog na pagbubuhusan ng sama ng loob...atlis...nababawasan din ang dala2 ko...pffft...lalalalala...hahaahah...etu na lng poh muna at salamat sayo...hahahaha...wala itung kwenta pero anu ba?..blog ko tu...walang pakialamanan...lol

01 August, 2008

Transformers...roll out! ^_^

After its wide screen success that has been fully embraced by many, "Transformers" are here again to make its another grand comeback to save the earth from destruction - a more horrible apocalypse, that is. With the growing anticipations of its avid fans and excited moviegoers, the news regarding the making of its sequel had brought about different reactions and even issues causing some to spread bad rumors or nasty spoilers. That is why it has been noted that Michael Bay announced (during the movie's preproduction) he would leak false information about the film, to keep fans guessing and reduce the risk of a leak being taken seriously in the midst of all the generated disinformation, and thus no one will truly have proper knowledge of the movie details. After the first Transformers movie had won several awards, they began shooting its sequel - "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"


The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron's dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.

Actually, this update had been aired long before I made this post...lol....I just came to realized I want to share this with you because I really liked the movie and its upcoming sequel to be released on 26 June 2009 (USA) just keeps my blood running so wild...toinks..lol...I am really so exciting to watch this movie...wohooo!

And to tell you honestly, the introduction of the movie is not what I really intended to post...lol After the first Transformers movie was released and of course, favored by so many fans of those " mechanical creatures", many spoofs had been also shownd and feasted...lol! Although Transformers had been long way watched and idolized by many folks especially the teens and even children and some adults, its widescreen introduction had widened and lengthened its range of audiences.

While the boon of the movie was still fresh, many talented people were able to made up some funny yet very artistic stuffs regarding Transformers. And the following images will prove its worth. I have already seen them long time ago but that time...I dont still have a blog...lol! And by the way...these were
made by Filipinos. See how talented Filipinos are?...Even though many foreign folks would see Filipinos as stereotyped "manggagaya" - no originality or no culture of its own since we are actually mixed with different cultures and have been "owned" by different countries sharing them their cultures making us a mixture of all or most...Well, the hell they care. We are better mixed with foreign people anyway, it makes their genes more beautiful...lol :P What matters, Filipinos can create creative substances of its own. Admit it, we have our own wonderful, useful and creative inventions that some nations are just...hmm...lol!...nevermind.. :P Just check these out to see what I am talking about.. :D






See how Filipinos made use of their own means of transportation and other own inventions??!...Cool beans!!! (Walang ganyan sa states...lol!) :P :D