05 June, 2009

Masters And Servants *part 2

Well, here I am again.. ready to continue what I have started. I'm not really in the mood but there's nothing much to do right now so here goes the other servants and their masters:

Archer - he is a servant who was "accidentally" summoned by Tohsaka Rin; thus making him a product of a failed summoning since Rin intended to summon Saber in the first place. Archer has no memory of his past after he was summoned so he had a hard time identifying his true identity. But according to many resources, he was actually a future representation of Emiya Shirou.

Archer, a nameless hero, belongs to the archer class of course; but is also skilled in swordsmanship (making it an evidence that he is indeed a future version of Shirou since Shirou had been training both in archery and swordsmanship as well as practicing some sorcery).

He is a Faker, an individual skilled at creating imitations of objects through the use of tracing and projection of mental images to form tangible objects. Though Projection is normally ineffective at creating durable or powerful artifacts, Archer’s unique approach to this craft enables him to materialize enormously powerful and accurate copies of the images recorded in his mind. This is another evidence noting Shirou's heightened abilities when reached adulthood.

As a Counter Guardian, a spirit that serves the planet and protects it from disaster, Archer is weaker than heroic spirits in terms of strength, stamina, speed, etc. However, he uses his projection ability to make up for the difference. He gave up his life to let Rin escape along with Saber and Shirou when they were attacked by Berserker. He is subsequently killed in combat against Berserker, but not before killing Berserker six times (Berserker actually has 12 lives).

Rider - a servant summoned by Shinji Matō, Sakura's (Shirou's longtime friend) older brother. Rider is silent, sultry, and vigilant, never hesitating to shield her Master from harm. With Shinji incapable of lending Mana to her, she is forced to seek alternative means to augment her abilities.

To compensate for her weakness, Rider employs covert battle tactics and takes full advantage of territory around her. Her weapon of choice is a pair of long iron nails fastened to opposite ends of a single chain, which she effectively thrusts from distances. She was Medusa in past life. Rider was defeated by Saber (after using her Excalibur) even Rider was on her unicorn; which was believed to be something that empowers her more.