31 December, 2008

The Best Is Yet To Come.. ;)

Another new year is very fast approaching and good for me I'm still able to catch up before this year ends. Whew! haha...

2008 is a year where a lot of memorable things happened. Not all of them were great things that I've come to enjoy as most of them were events that tested my faith, courage, hope and acceptance of the real essence of life and everything about it. My world was turned upside-down and Thanks be to God that I was able to surpass it unscathed. Me and my family had suffered many tragedies and that typhoon/flash flood "Frank" was one of them that I can never forget. It was something that had also opened the awareness of most people and even stirred fear to many individuals. Just another terrifying signal from the heavens telling us to have a change of heart.

Aside from that, I've also been through a lot of issues that somehow made me realize bunches of meaningful things. I can admit it that somehow, I've grown mature. Well, just a bit. hahaaha... I engaged myself to several commitments (work, friends, acquaintances, etc.) that brought about certain changes. Loads of enjoyable and happy moments took place and I will always be grateful for this wonderful year.

I Thank God for giving me and my family and the whole humanity this grand year. It may be full of catastrophes and the like but we were all able to surpass it, right?.. heheeh... We should just all be thankful for this another chance to live our lives right and be able to avoid those mistakes that had ruined our lives and other people involved in ours or vice versa. I know that many other people suffered a lot more tragic and saddening events in their lives that is why I really feel so blessed that I have the kind of life I am enjoying right now. Knowing the fact that I should have a more meaningful life this new year as I kinda waste a lot of precius times this year, I motivated myself to make up some plans or goals so that I may have some things to focus on.. hahaha...

I am actually so excited for this new year. I have high hopes and lots of things in mind to accomplish for me and my family for the better. naks.. hahaaha... Dont know why but I really feel that I'm full of energy and courage to face this year more than ever. Maybe because I was able to realize a lot of things... heehehe... and the end is near.. weeee... hahaha

I just hope that many or most of us would have the courage and determination to improve our lives. May we all have a blessed and prosperous New Year! :D

26 December, 2008

"Sigh" x_x

It's been a while
and it's been so long...
I've been asleep
Drowned and lost.
It didn’t matter
When I had no one;
Better this way
less hope, less pain.

But then you came
and showed me the way
Opened up the doors
and then released the chains
Just couldn’t believe
And thought was dreaming
Don’t want to acknowledge the feeling
But It’s already taking over me.

I closed my eyes
Hoping you’d disappear
But thoughts of you
Kept on bugging me.
I’d be such a fool
If I’d deny
That having you there
Was just all that I ever wanted.

But how could things end
The way it is right now
I should’ve known
That some of those
Were just part of a beautiful lie?
You had me there
I was so into you
Now how could you
Oh just how could you…

So now I know
That things are really meant to end.
No such thing
Would last forever.
I may have found happiness
And ten-folds the pain.
Thanks to you
You made me felt
What it is like to be human.

16 December, 2008

Holiday Madnezz x_x

haha... Oh my... This month's really the busiest month of all... haaaayz... and of course, the most expensive one.. haha... oh well.. it's just this time of the year.. so it's all worth it...

Got really so busy and exhausted that I no longer have the time and the energy to go over this blog.. toinks.. hahaha... been thinking of posting lots of stuffs but just cant seem to find the timing.. hahaha.. oh well, I just wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.. ;)

This season, all I want to do is spend time with "Him" and celebrate Christmas not the typical way that we all do.... just wondering how I could make that happen.. haha.. though we've been facing lots of difficulties as of the moment, we just cant help but still do the things that we usually do like buying presents and the like. I can honestly feel that as time goes by, the less we put emphasize to the true essence why we are celebrating Christmas.

For some kids, it's just the time of the year where they can receive a lot of presents even though it's not their birthday or it's the birth of "somebody else". It's the time for them to expect Santa Claus roaming around the globe to read their wish list and make some of them come true. For most adults, it's just the time to hide from all the huge expenses that they're bout to face.. haha.

I just wish that all or most of us could go over the real meaning of Christmas and the real purpose of it. I wish that poor families could still appreciate this holiday without feeling bitter about their sad reality and diference among other rich people. I just hope that no matter how less or inexpensive the foods or the gifts that we are given, we could still be thankful and cherish those that have remembered us instead of wishing for more selfishly. haaaaayz... :D

This year has brought me a lot of memorable and fulflling things to remember. Loads of lessons and most especially, hapening that changed my life. I'll always be grateful for this year and since another new year is about to come I just cant help but wonder what's there waiting to happen. I've been filling up the pages of my new year's resolution already and starting some of them to renew myself for the better... naks... haahaha... Anyway, hope we all can enjoy Christmas in our own unique little ways... Good tidings to all! :D

03 December, 2008

"The Road Not Taken" ~ ~

These past few weeks, I have been tiring my eyes of reading manga and watching anime. You know, catching up... haha... And then a brother of my friend recommended me an anime to watch. It wasnt really a popular anime. In fact, if not for an office mate who had first introduced me to such anime, I would really say that I never heard of it. Though there are loads of anime that I was never ever really able to watch nor had the slightest idea of their storyline.

Since there were already two people who kept on telling me to watch that anime, I got intrigued and so I "forced" myself to dig into it. And geesh, I never thought I'd enjoy that anime.. haha... The 1st episode got me so ecstatic that I made my way towards watching it continouosly in just one session.. lol. I was supposed to sleep that time but my senses got so alive that I barely had the motivation to sleep. If not for a black out, I wouldnt stop watching it.. haha...

The anime is full of humor. The illustrations and everything about it just makes me laugh especially how they make the main character a chibi just to make it look so funny when in fact she's a very beautiful lady. Well, better watch it yourself so you'll know what I'm talking about. haha...

The highlight of the anime and the reason that I got kinda hooked into it is the portion wherein they would say things or give advices on "how to become a lady" or what they called as "The Path To Becoming A Lady".. haha.. Those were really pathetic yet informative.. hahaha... and that's one of the roads I'm not yet totally talking. hahaahah.. :P

The anime that I'm talking about is:
Wallflower - Perfect Girl Evolution (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)

Kyouhei, Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojou are beautiful, handsome, young men living in a huge mansion. One day, their landlord, whom they call “Auntie”, asks them a favor: to make her niece, Sunako, who’s going to be living with them, into a respectable young lady. She agrees to make their living expenses free of charge if they succeed, but if they fail, she’ll triple their rent. Due to their confidence in knowing how to deal with women, they agree, but once they meet Sunako, they begin to realize that their lovely living arrangements may soon be in jeopardy.

Nakahara Sunako, after being called "ugly" by the man she dearly liked hid herself into the "darkness" together with her precious anatomical collections (Hiroshi, Josephine, etc.), those that you can find in a science laboratory such as dissected animals, human body parts, etc. She drowned herself into watching horror flicks, gross and other stuffs that a normal girl would do or indulge herself into. not even for an average person or a guy. Because of such heartbreak an after being called "ugly" when in fact, she did her best to maintain and even improve her beauty, stopped thinking about herself especially the way she looks. Her appearance didnt matter to her anymore and it's a very long time since the last time she saw herself in the mirror. heehhee. :D

She appears to be really scary.. and her looks is similar to sadaku.. haha... her personality is just so cool though and she's really brave..lol.. Her favorites are Fred/Jason and other gross criminals, assassins and the like. She would always want to witness a crime or investigate one. She would even be happy to celebrate Halloween than her own birthday.. haha. And skulls are just everywhere... always with her. lol... By the way, she tends to suffer from severe nosebleed everytime a "dazzling creature" or beautiful women and handsome guys would come near her.. haha.. loads of blood!.. haha

So, if you want some break from those "bloody" anime, dont watch this one. haha.. But if you want some real and I mean.. loads of laughs.. better see this one.. hahaah.. You'll like it.. ;)