01 July, 2009

there.. and back again.. ^ ^

Hey, hey, hey! Guess who's back... lol. So when was the last time since I posted something on this blog? Oh my, it's been a month already! Just how irresponsible could I get? ahaha! Oh well, I've been in and out of the blogosphere so it's not surprising I'd be gone and be back again. :P

Anyways, it's not like I'm going to say goodbye to blogging. Every now and then, it will serve as my outlet. Especially now that I seem to be overflowing with thoughts. My condition right now is actually annoying. I promised myself to sleep the moment I get home; but I ended up turning on the pc and pop! here comes the weasel! lol

I've been busy and if not, bored. I even thought that my social skills have been deteriorating due to exhaustion at work. ahaha.. hopefully, I'm just paranoid. But indeed, work has been stressing me lately. Deadlines, pendings, suckers at work and other worris concerning my client seemed to be taking a toll on me. So even if this overflowing of chakra is kind of tiresome since I badly need and want to sleep but just cant, it still feel good since I'm able tobring this upon here.

But hey, I've got good news! It's been a month or so that I never had an absent in my work! ahaha. Well, I was actually threatened at first.. But since I'm the stubborn and "really?!!", "the-hell-I-care" type, I took it as a challenge instead. I wanted to see whether I could really do it or that I wont submit myself to temptations. 'Coz you see, most of my absences were intended not for some a-matter-of-life-and-death reasons. Most of them were just because I was too lazy to work or that I dont feel like going out of the house. ahaha... There were no pressures from my mom so I just take my job lightly so long as I dont really mess up.

That challenge had somehow given me some hard time. There were times that I wasnt really feeling well and yet I had to work. There are also some instances where my mom would want me not to work and yet I cant say yes. I took it as a challenge also to be able to somehow punish myself from doing unneccessary stuffs. And yet, some things never change.

Hopefully, I can keep up to that challenge. I also intend to break a record in terms of lates. I think that would be the greatest challenge for me since I have been constant with my late arrivals whether reporting for duty or meeting up with friends.. ehehehe... Wish me luck. There are also other things I need or want to get done. I am not sure if I can put them to life but I'll really do my best. I just wish that the next time I'm going to share to you something personal, I would be as great like neevr before... ciao! :D