02 October, 2009

When All Else Fail... ^_^

Poverty. Natural disasters. Corruption. Terrorism. Unnecessary Innovations. Health Risks/unknown diseases. Pointless Lifestyle. These are the things making lives miserable these days. Well, that is as far as we think it is. We usually blame the forces of nature for all the unfortunate events we're suffering with. Some would even curse those people who cant provide them any help. Others pass the guilt to politicians, racists and other selfish individuals. But is it really worth it? Change ought to start from within. You cant expect others to lend you a hand when you're not even doing your part in saving yourself.

It's been evident that more and more catastrophes are taking the best from all of us as days go by. Living in this kind of world these days feels like hell already. Thus, people tend to "save their own ships" particularly in terms of surviving the economy, natural disasters, and other sources of "slow death" or paths to entering the gates of hell. Lucky for those who can easily move on.

I'm just wondering. What the heck's going on with the world? Mother Earth is gravely wounded.
Each and every country's been hit with unbelievable super typhoons, flashfloods, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like. It's safe to think that Mother Earth's starting to take its toll on us. Considering how much damage we've caused, it's just plain understandable if we get punished. After all, it's our own actions that triggered all such stuff. I, on the other hand is not just thinking about Mother Earth's wrath. In general, I take this as a preparation...for the judgment day or the so-called - end of the world.

Come on, really. You can laugh at me. But I really believe that God exist. Although I also tend to get confused, there is nothing more that can strengthen me than my faith and trust in His existence. I am not a perfect Christian or someone who really devotes himself/herself to religion or to God Himself. I have my own iniquities and I dont even go to church regularly. I dont walk with all the gospels buried in my heart and soul. I dont even read the Bible as much as I give time reading manga or other fictional books. I am nothing before His eyes. And for that, I feel sorry and scared. I'm not afraid to die; but i dont want to experience all those things mentioned in the "Revelation". I still, somehow, want to be saved.

Oh well, enough of this. Maybe all the things happening to the world right now's just freaking me out. Whether the end is really near or something, only He knows. It's better to think of the worst things now and feel relieved when they didnt happen than to care less and be surprised. Anyway, there's nothing to fear if you know you deserve some consideration. ahaha. I just pray that people should help each other instead of inflicting more trouble. Now is the best time to hold on to each other so we can rebuild not just a certain nation but as much as possible, the whole world. I dont think it's too late for changes and repentance. So, God Bless us all! :D

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