05 September, 2009

Extremely Amazing ^_^

I love nature. I have always been fascinated by its beauty. Too bad it's already reaching its limits nowadays. Right? Well, evidently, we no longer have the kind of nature our forefathers used to enjoy. And I just feel sick thinking about.

Come on, I still want to go to a lot of places where I can savor the beauty and madnezz of nature. I want to feel that fresh relaxing breeze... hear the sound of tides... fly with the wind and taste the sweetness of the rain... I just cant imagine the thrill of climbing steep cliffs and those rocky mountains where looking down might just get you killed.. ahaha.. Well, I'm not sure If I can really do all those things. but, if given the chance, why would I say no? :)

However, given the fact that the planet is no longer a safe and beautiful place to live in as days go by, it's just so infuriating that the one thing hindering you from doing all those adventurous endeavors is something unacceptable. Just how monstrous people have become in order to satisfy their selfish goals? I may also have contributed to the damages in the atmosphere or the entire planet. But surely, I have never inflicted something so enormous that can even cause global destruction. And worst, even with the fact that our own actions are the main culprits of the planet's deterioration, most people are just so inconsiderate and unconcerned.

Just take a look at the following wonders nature offer. You should at least be aware of some of the Earth's nature extremes. Hopefully, we all can get back to appreciating the beauty and wonder of the universe as well as to do our best in restoring the planet:

Largest Rock Formation
Ayers Rock is the world’s largest rock formation. It is also known as Uluru.

Located in Australia, this sandstone monolithhas a height of 348 m (1,142 ft). and around 9.4 km (6 mi) in basal circumference.

As I made the research, I was astounded by the many breathtaking and magnificently-done rock formations the planet have...

Largest Coral Reef

Located in the Coral Sea, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef that comprises more than 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands is the world’s largest coral reef system.

In 1981, the reef was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Most Active Volcano

Currently, the world’s most active volcano is Kilauea, Located in Hawaii and is made up of 90% of lava.

Largest Cave Passage

The largest cave passage in the world is Deer Cave Located in Borneo that is about 2 kilometers in length and over 90 meters high and wide.

Largest Glacier

The world's largest glacier, the Lambert Glacier, draining an enormous slice of the Antarctic continent.

Highest Cliff

The highest cliff in the world, is Nanga Parbat's Rupal Flank in the Himalayas, that rises 4600 meters above its base.

But according to some sources, the highest cliff in the world, about 1,340 m high, is the east face of Great Trango in the Karakoram mountains of northern Pakistan.

Lowest Lake

There is also the saltiest bodies of water and the world’s deepest hypersaline lake. Of course, that's no other than the Dead Sea that is also considered as world's natural spa.

Well, I think most of you already know that Nile is the longest river, Mount Everest as the highest peak, Angel Falls as the world’s highest waterfall, the largest hot desert on earth as well as the hottest place is Sahara and the coldest on the other hand is Antarctica.


shurikenstuff said...

I love these nature sites. The reason why I related to the movie Jumper is that; I want to travel beyond the normal spectrum and views of these beautiful spots....hayszzz

RoNald said...

OMG karon ra ko kabalik comment da. hehe. nice views. choi kau ang lava.