17 October, 2009

To Our Dearest Mother Earth ^_^

I have always been fascinated by your beauty and splendid wonders. Your magnificence amazes me to no end. I even wish to travel the whole world and tell or show people how marvelous you really are. We all benefit from your entire resources. From dusk ‘till dawn; all throughout our lives, you never fail to provide us with our needs. Indeed, you are God’s way of taking care of us. And yet…

We became accustomed to doing things the bad way. We keep doing our chores and other activities in a thoughtless manner or through the aid of stuff which were inconsiderately fabricated using your resources. People cut, burn, throw or process raw materials taken from you without regard to your welfare. And for that, though I’ve also enjoyed such convenience, I truly feel remorseful.

It breaks my heart to see you in the state that you are right now. The circumstances we’re suffering these days reflect the kinds and seriousness of damages we’ve inflicted upon you. Though it also pains me to know that a lot of people are getting homeless, famished and doomed, I understand that we deserve to be punished. Greed drove many of us to take more than enough. And we didn’t think of rebuilding you as soon as we can.

I, too, have my own iniquities. I even find myself guiltier and more deserving to be rebuked. I, who greatly adores you, am also among those who blindly hurt you and shorten your existence. Unquestionably, those who know what’s wrong and yet they keep doing it are more unforgiveable. Neither excuse nor repentance can pay off all the good stuff you’ve given to us. We can never justify our appalling actions. And no matter how much we make up, damages have already been done. What’s been taken is already gone.

Now that you’re starting to take a toll on us for each and every waste and abuse, I fear that we might lose the one thing that we all should cherish the most. I am hoping that it is still not too late to save you and start anew. With all these distressing occurrences, I can’t help but look back on those days where I can still satisfyingly enjoy the cleanliness of the air I breathe and the water I drink. Every now and then, fear never left my heart and mind. It’s like my dream of exploring the depths of you have shattered.

I know we can still patch things up. As long as we’re alive, we can still restore your beauty and grandeur even in the simplest ways; for the next generations to come. Please allow us to deal with this. Let us realize our mistakes; but I beg you, let those innocent children be safe. Let them feel your true wonder. Let them smile and live freely with abundance and joy. From here on, I promise to take part in saving you.

Mother Earth, I thank you. Please hold on and never die.

- This is in relation to my friend's letter to the World. : )

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