23 October, 2009

Lecture Thyself x_x

hmmm.. what's with this post? Uhm, nothing really. let's just say I'm answering facebook's inquiry - "What's on your mind?" A lot of things are going on right now and I'm so full of realizations. Thoughts keep on overflowing and I know I need to pour them out in any way possible; or else, I might end up a sure crazy fella. So here goes... I know these sound really serious. And though they may have some strong points, these are just to good to be true and easier said than done... ^_^

1. Time is of an essence. Manage your time well; and things you want to accomplish will be done in a way that you intend to.

- Take time to cherish each wonderful day that passes. Reflect on things you have done and those you plan to achieve for the day. Give yourself a time to pray, exercise, plan and do things without haste. With careful planning and time management, you can satisfyingly and successfully seize the day in any way you want.

- Allot enough or more time for your preparations. Plan ahead and do it in such a way that you allocate more time than the right amount needed. As you can see, many things might happen which are beyond your control. So giving more time than you actually call for can suffice to the time you might use up when things go wrong.

- Be wise with your time for your family, friends and other people. More importantly, never forget about your own good. Be selfish at times; and this means saying NO if you’re already loaded. Though you would really want to help other people, there are times that you should take a break. Live your life to the fullest and value time as well as your health.

2. It’s quite easy and more convenient to find or give excuses for our failures. But in the end, all that it takes for you to succeed is to honestly deal with the dilemmas at hand.

- Some people would actually blame others for their misfortunes. And some have even become adept at pointing out reasons which may be the culprit of their bad luck. Reality bites and truth may be ugly; however, avoiding such things will do you no good at all.

- But instead of cursing the heavens, why not move and do the things needed to successfully accomplish your goals? This may be easier said than done. But nothing can be done by merely pitying yourself and blaming the forces of nature. It’s all up to you if you choose to lurk in the darkness or stand out and make a difference.

3. You become what you think about most of the time. So think as positive as you can about yourself; just make sure that you’re not only good in daydreaming. Put your thoughts into remarkable actions.

- Thinking is not doing. And worrying can lead you nowhere. It’ll only worsen your case. Nothing beats hard work and perseverance. Aim and hit the target no matter what. Success is a mindset. The harder you strive to attain your goals, the luckier you get. The more you do your best, the easier and faster you are drawing yourself towards success. Don’t give up if things seem to be more difficult. While failure is inevitable, don’t dwell on it; instead, learn from your mistakes. This would only help you come up with better resolution.

4. Achieving success for your goals doesn’t mean wearing yourself out. Provide time for relaxation. Sufficient rest can fuel up your mind and body well. Take pride in everything that you do. Celebrate success even in the simplest things that you can accomplish. Think positive and love yourself more the way others do. Share and learn from other people especially from those who seem to magnetize success. Be inspired.

5. Make your own path. Find out who you are and why you're here, even in the smallest and the simplest ways. Be diverse but not to the extent that you're already becoming someone who's not for real. Though it's quite tempting to live the way your idols/heroes/fave celebs do, you'll only regret living such a kind of lifestyle. You have your own style though you may think you're nothing or just plain usual. Discover your unique latent abilities and hone it to the fullest. :D


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