09 October, 2009

Over The Seas ^_^

Freedom. Courage. Friendship. Laughter. It's official. Right now, my favorite anime is no longer Naruto (Shippuuden) but One Piece! Yay! ahaha...And I can say that it'll be my all-time fave next to Samurai X (Rourouni Kenshin).

Like Naruto, I took it for granted the time it became popular. I've heard a lot of people liked it and some of my friends kept talking about Luffy; however, I just shrugged it off. I dont know why I'm always like that. Maybe "going with the flow" isnt my usual way and that I want to explore something because I want to and not because it's popular (esp. when it comes to anime.. ahaha). But I dont actually regret not reading the manga/wathing the anime as soon as it got famous. Why? Because I had so much fun continuously reading the manga the moment I started doing so!!! ahaha

But now, I'm catching up with the updates.. Too bad that, like many others, I had to wait for its weekly manga updates. I'm more into reading the manga than watching the anime; though I've been wathing the series now :D

I dont want to compare One Piece to Naruto (Shippuuden) as well as differentiate Naruto's personality to Luffy. I still like Naruto (Shippuuden) as it is. But I truly found myself enjoying every bit of One Piece's pages. There was never a dull moment. ;)

So why do I like.. no.. Love.. ahaha.. One Piece? Well, here are my reasons:

1. The Aspiring Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy - I just cant get enough of his personality. ahaha.. His laugh/grin is contageous and addictive. His honesty reaches the point of being so naive and stupid. This also gets his entire crew in trouble. His craving for adventure would always crack me up. When it comes to exploring the unknown, nobody could ever stop him. The more unknown the place is, the more dangerous, the more fun it is to him. And he tends to be very unpreditable. I just heart him. ahahah. Moreover, he has this incomparable and unimaginable confidence and trust even to those he just met. And need I say that he eats a lot? Way too much that a normal person can never handle. ahaha.

2. The Other Characters - Looking at his crew alone would make you smile at how diverse the personalities of each character is. And with the many other supporting characters, this anime is an "organized riot". From their enemy pirates to the marines, Admirals and the Royal Shichibukais, events would always leave you breathless. :D And there are loads of characters making the entire story more exciting.

3. The Storyline - This anime's plots never cease to amaze and surprise me. The twists and turns in events and facts/information are just so astounding, dreamy and creative. nyahaha.. And the dialogue? Yosh! The humor in it would always brighten your day. Hahahaha! :D It's just so funny and that's perhaps the main thing I like about One Piece. There is action, great story/lesson and all but the comedy part is never missing.

Haaayz... I want more of One Piece!! Hahahah

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Charlie said...

Oh One Piece, such fun ^^

Your blog is very cool :)