03 October, 2009

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words ^_^

Obviously, I'm a fan of images. Whether they are edited or not, I just cant help but adore them. But personally, I prefer the raw ones. I tend to get annoy if I see pictures of nature and other stuff which have been enhanced (esp. those excessively enhanced). It's more satisfying to see the real thing; provided the photo is of good quality. I also dig various works of art. I just admire artistic people especially those who have wild imaginations and unique ways of displaying their gift. So now, I'm going to make this post similar to that of a photoblog. Just this post.. maybe... LOL

Here are the pictures that made me smile and even gasp in disbelief.. nyahahaha

I wonder what it looks like inside.. hmmm

tsk3.. *drool :D

Just in time for Chrsitmas :D
ahaha.. for a fast-food lover? aheeem :D

WHoah! Even trees?!! clap clap :D

The Hypnosis Staircase

Booklover's Staircase

Man-made Islands :D
The Palm Islands in Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar in Doha, Qatar

The World in Dubai

Aha! So that explains it! lol

I'd like to have one of these :))

These are made of tire ;)

Are these churches or something? nyahaha


Anonymous said...

Its amazing!!!!

If you are intersted



Charlie and Serena said...

I do not speak English
Poland is a wooden house, which stands upside down. :P


Hertz Syndromination said...

i want to have that up side down house too.... hahaha

teguh said...

Amazing Pictures
Nice blog